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Silver fox. Power player. Author of revenge.

People have called Alexander many things over the years, but it’s the last one he’s been living for.

Years ago, the Wynters ripped away everyone he’d loved. He made a promise then to erase that name. Now, with the family matriarch dead, he walks through the gates of their Connecticut estate as the owner with a sledgehammer in his hand. The only thing left to do is say goodbye to his beloved Charles.

He didn’t expect to find Rebecca, the third in their lovers’ trio, standing there.

He didn’t expect the man who is helping him settle the Wynter estate to offer himself to him and Rebecca as a stopgap to recapture a happier time.

He didn’t expect to fall in love again—with both of them.

They say three is the strongest number. But sometimes the ghosts of the past are unbeatable, even for three.

Invincible is a M/F/M and M/M/F standalone novel in the Elite Doms of Washington Series. No cliff-hanger, HEA guaranteed. No cheating.

September 17
Elizabeth SaFleur LLC
Elizabeth SaFleur

Customer Reviews

L.lovesbooksL. ,

Elizabeth SaFleur writes hot & sexy stories with such class but don’t let it fool you!!

What a way to end this fantastic series!! Elizabeth SaFleur writes hot & sexy stories with such class but don’t let it fool you, she likes to “go there” and does often!! Her characters jump off the pages , I often feel like I’ve gained a friend or two by the end of her stories. I know I miss them and think of them long after I’ve finished the book. This book is no different!!
This story is about love, a love that doesn’t fit in a neat box,that is a bit unconventional but love just the same. A man, powerful & Dominate, a man in love with the Dominant and a woman from his past when he was not so powerful. Can they love into the future?? Do they actual see what’s in front of them or are they too busy looking behind them. This story is not only about love but what we do to have it and keep it.
This story and all the books in this series is so very good,well worth your precious time & hard earned money!! Enjoy!

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