Invisible or Invincible

Your Choice

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Publisher Description

Dr Robin Miller has advocated for women throughout her career. She has supported victims of domestic violence, advocated for her patients, supported women in their careers and women friends and family. In this book, she champions aging women. Seeing intelligent, beautiful, and strong women who have much to contribute to the world being marginalized and ignored prompted the writing of Invisible or Invincible. 

Are you over 60? Are you feeling that you are invisible? As women age in our society, we are often marginalized. Many feel invisible. It is important for all of us to strut our stuff by optimizing our health, finding our passion, and pursuing our dreams. 

We have wisdom, knowledge, and experience to offer. As we get older, we often have the time and freedom to do this but may be discouraged by society's views of aging women. That shouldn't stop us. 

In this book, Dr. Robin Miller shares personal experiences and insights and presents the idea that, regardless of how you are viewed by society, you have much knowledge and wisdom to offer to your families and the world at large. You will be inspired, no matter how old you are, to move proudly in your communities and offer your gifts, even if others stand in your way, and to move, undeterred, even if you have to walk around them. 

In Invisible or Invincible: Your Choice, you will find the tools to rise up and be the strongest and best version of yourself so that you can become invincible!

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November 4
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