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This iPad Help Book has been written and re-written over a few years. Initially it was for members of the U3A - University of the 3rd Age in Toowoomba  Australia covering an 8 or 9 week term. These are people who are of the older generation but by no means elderly, but needing a little more explanation than that given by most iPad User Guides.

It does not cover all subjects (as yet) but it is meant to cover the absolute basics of an iPad from taking it out of it’s beautifully presented box to connecting to the internet and being able to download the official User Guide; how to use Safari to search for information and then basically using the iPad to teach us how to learn.

As I tell my classes, “When you have downloaded the iPad User Guide and can use Safari - you don’t need me.”

The information in this book is intended to make life a little easier and it amazes me that I can still look at something and can change it to make it a little simpler to understand. So I am always open to hearing from anyone who has trouble understanding any part and can help improve it. Hopefully there are no great mistakes.

It is geared for Australian users but is easily adapted to other English speaking parts of the world.

I hope it is helpful to all who wish to start at the beginning and learn the fundamentals of their iPad.

This is a work in progress, many things need changing with new software updates and new technology, so I will do my best to keep everything up-to-date.

Computers & Internet
October 13
Liz Kennedy
Liz Kennedy

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