iPad Primer 2e With Embedded Video Tutorials iPad Primer 2e With Embedded Video Tutorials

iPad Primer 2e With Embedded Video Tutorials

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Want to really learn how to use your iPad? Embedded in this five-part iPad Primer are fourteen videos that show you how.  In the first part, you learn how to study with iBooks, Safari, Penultimate, and Wikipanion, and you capture to your Camera Roll any image on your iPad screen. The second part has you organize your thoughts with Inspiration Maps and paste your images into digital stories using the iMovie app that made this book’s videos. Part three teaches you how to multitask and use Dragon Dictation to transcribe into text anything you speak into your iPad’s microphone. Imagine answering your emails by simply dictating into Dragon! This iPad Primer shows you how. 

In part four, you learn how to find freely available content, manage files to keep your iPad organized, and write your own e-books using Pages. The last part shows how to configure your iPad, keep it secure, project it, troubleshoot problems, and visit websites to learn more about your iPad. The iPad Primer concludes with an index of the fourteen video tutorials embedded in this book. These movies were produced on the iPad in the iMovie app, and this iPad Primer was written in Pages. Other apps taught in this Primer include iBooks, Camera, Safari, Wikipanion, Penultimate, Inspiration Maps, Dragon Dictation, Dropbox, and GoodReader.

The author donates all iPad Primer book royalties to Delaware public schools.

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July 28
Fred T. Hofstetter
Fred T. Hofstetter

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