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This interactive book provides a step by step guide to using BlueChart and Marine Tides Planner, specifically for route planning on the iPad. With supporting iPad screen views showing how to add, insert and otherwise manage route points, waypoint markers and co-ordinates within new or already existing routes. It provides step by step operating information, far beyond what is covered in the official Manuals.

It takes, as an example, a route from Portland to Christchurch, Dorset, in a 27 foot, bilge keeled, sailing yacht, and uses the difficulties that might be encountered as a context within which to explain the workings of the BlueChart and Tides Planner Apps.

It shows, step by step, how the data required for making safe and efficient sea passages for small boats, using the tidal currents to the best possible advantage, can be derived from the iPad.

It also outlines a suggested system for producing a laminated ‘Routelist’ style passage plan and a 'screen grabbed'  route ‘Chartlet’, for hard copy use at the chart table or in the cockpit.

Marine Tides Planner App tools are also explained using a practical example of an overnight stay in Christchurch Harbour.

Many interactive illustrations are used to visually indicate exactly what to expect from BlueChart or Marine Tides Planner on the iPad, when you are using it for passage planning or managing your existing routes.

Garmin has not independently verified any of the information included in this book, and Garmin does not endorse or guarantee the safety or suitability of any of the instructions provided herein. If you choose to follow any of the guidance or use any other information included in this book, then you do so at your own risk. Garmin will not be responsible for any property damage, injuries or deaths related to your use of this book or your reliance on any of the routes or other information included in this book.

Sports & Outdoors
February 15
Christopher Medway

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