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This hands-on guide leads you through mastering your iPad through hand gestures, multi-tasking, closing apps, understanding The Control Center, The Notification Center, screen lock rotation, select and read-aloud text, hidden keys and almost every standard application included with your iPad.  This is the most comprehensive eBook covering the iPad on the market today.  This is not a 20 page eBook rip-off.  iPad UNIVERSITY  is the REAL DEAL!  Illustrations and enhanced video tutorials, all in a eBook optimized for your iPad and iPhone.  You won't believe all that is included in this eBook.  We include over 35 chapters and over 200 tips tricks and techniques to help you master your iPad.  This book is for beginner and advanced users.  We start by showing you how to install iOS 7, what to do if you don't have enough space to complete the install, basic hand gestures, editing photos and video, adding an email signature, mastering SIRI, Find My iPhone, iMessages, FaceTime and much, much more...

This practical and visual guide by Apple iPad Evangelist Kevin Jones will quickly help you get the most out of your iPad 2, 3,4, Mini and iPad Air using iOS 7.  The most up to date guide in the iBookstore.  Join Kevin an award winning, top selling author as he explains and demonstrates tasks to help you take your iPad use to THE NEXT LEVEL!

If you have questions contact us: help@ipaduniversity.biz

Chapters include:

1. Who Should Read This Book (video)

2. Introduction

3. The iPad at a Glance

4. About the Book

5. Basic Hand Gestures

6. Preparing to install iOS 7

7. Installing iOS 7

8. Essential iPad Settings 101

9. The Control Center

10. The Notification Center

11. Listening to Music

12. Maps

13. SIRI: Your Wish is Her Command

14. Facebook

15. Photos & Video

16. Camera

17. FaceTime

18. Messages

19. Privacy

20. Securing your iPad

21. Do Not Disturb

22. Mail

23. Calendar

24. Reminders

25. Safari

26. Air Drop

27. Apple TV

28. Clock

29. Find My Friends

30. Find My iPhone

31. Windows & iOS 7

32. iBooks

33. Updates

34. Cool Stuff & New Features

35. Increase Your Batter Life

36. Quick Tip Sheet

37. Quick Help Videos (video)

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January 7
BJ Publishing Company
BJ Publishing Company

Customer Reviews

Tnhrkh ,


Wow, you have all bases covered. Great workshop and book.

1906_1908 ,

Good ebook, great videos and graphics...

Thank you for taking the time create a comprehensive guide. Nice!

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