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Own an iPhone? Then you have in your hands a fantastic tool that can take high quality medical photos, share them in seconds and get you answers fast. But in order to produce pictures that can be used for reliable diagnosis, your phone needs just a little help from you.

Combining easy-to-understand explanations and simple practical tips, this book shows you how to take photos that capture the relevant information in a wide range of different scenarios. Images and videos that show the doctor the full story can be hugely valuable in speeding up diagnosis in a wide range of conditions – if you know how to get it right.

From skin conditions to child development and emergency care to joint problems, iPhone Medical Photography shows you exactly what to do and explains why it’s not enough to simply point and shoot.   

Topics include: 

• Why photos can help doctors even when you’re able to meet face-to-face. 
• The medically-approved way to pose patients for different types of shots. 
• What to include in each photo – and what to take out. 
• How to capture images that help doctors focus on what matters most. 
• What to consider when storing and sending medical photos.

Apply the knowledge given here, and you'll be able to use your own photos to speed up communication and save time and money.

There is also a useful discussion for doctors on how to incorporate iPhone photography into medical practice. 

The techniques are easy both to learn and use, making this a valuable resource for patients, doctors and first responders alike.

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December 15
Zameel Panthakkalakath
Zameel Panthakkalakath