Irish Rebel: An Age Gap Mafia Romance

A Mafia Romance

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After finally convincing my over-protective family to let me visit my uncle in Dublin, I know this may be my only chance to experience everything I’ve always wanted: Adventure. Excitement. Freedom.

Until I’m introduced to the man assigned to be my bodyguard. With his silver-flecked hair and wicked scar, Roarke radiates power and danger. Everything I’m drawn to. Except, he’s also the one standing in my way. I push all of his buttons, until one night I push too far.    


They call me a killer. And with each death I cause, my soul turns a little blacker. As an enforcer for the Irish mafia, I’ve always done what’s been asked of me. Including becoming the reluctant bodyguard for a woman who shines so bright, I’m afraid of tainting her with my darkness.    

Caitlín tests my patience at every turn, determined to make my life hell. Even worse, she tempts me with her smart mouth and lush curves. In a moment of madness, I forget she’s off-limits and cross a line I can never come back from.

Now I’m torn between loyalty to the family I owe everything to—including my life—and the woman who just might be my salvation.

November 22
LK Shaw
LK Shaw

Customer Reviews

julieanne79 ,

The Rebel and the Grump

I fell hard for this series and Caitlin has been a joy to see in all the books. Based on what we witnessed of her, I fully expected she would be a handful to whoever got caught in her web.

She definitely pushed Roarke to his breaking point but when he finally snapped the heat they created together could singe your fingers when you turned the pages.

Just when you thought Caitlin and Roarke couldn’t get better, they brought an intimacy that will make you swoon.

Super excited to see that LK Shaw is continuing with the Dublin Kings. I’m ready for Cian.

Brightndays ,

Will their chemistry spark a future together?

Irish Rebel is the seventh book in the Brooklyn Kings series, connected to the Donnellys. Caitlín travels to Dublin to visit with family and to experience some freedom and excitement, but she learns right away that she has a bodyguard. Deciding to push all of Roarke’s buttons now becomes a game, but when she pushed one too many buttons, will their chemistry spark a future, or explode into violence?

This book was so fun! There’s definitely an intensity to it, as there’s danger that does lurk with this family, but the give and take, the sass, and the pushing all of Roarke’s buttons was just fun to read! I loved their explosive passion, when it finally came, but I loved watching the dynamic of their relationship shift from annoying to being more vulnerable to cautiously wanting so much more. Caitlín was unapologetically herself, full of sass and confidence in her abilities, but she cared. She had a softer side that came out around those she really trusted, and that quickly became Roarke. Man, oh man, did Roarke quickly become a new favorite book boyfriend! He was so intense and loyal and protective! Plus, swoon-worthy with his love for his neighbor and cat. I loved both characters separately, but I also really loved them together. There’s so much tension and passion and caring, they just made for a really dynamic couple. I loved how they fought for each other, too. The danger elements aren’t really hidden or a mystery, but I liked how everything played out. This was a fantastic book and a great addition to an already addicting series!

Cinnamondeb ,

Hot Age Gap Romance

Irish Rebel is book seven in the Brooklyn Kings (The Donnellys) series by LK Shaw, and it’s a bridge to a new spinoff, Dublin Knights.

This book focuses on Caitlín Donnelly, youngest daughter of the American Donnellys, who’s in Dublin to visit relatives. While there, much to her disgust, she’s been assigned a bodyguard which means no fun. Roarke O’Sullivan is the silent, brooding protector who is not happy with the games Caitlín plays like asking his opinion on lingerie or doing her yoga routine in front of him wearing a barely-there sports bra. Soon enough, Caitlín gets herself in a jam, and Roarke comes to her rescue. Then she meets his cat Portia. The die is cast for both of them. But when Roarke is held hostage by an enemy, Caitlín insists on going along for the rescue. Will the bodyguard and his woman get their happily ever after, or will the danger be too much?

I love this book. It’s a quick and fun read with great characters and world building - I’m looking forward to the Dublin Knights series now. Caitlín is strong and independent, so I love how the tables are turned when she goes along on Roarke’s rescue - we skip the whole damsel in distress cliché. I love the age gap, but ultimately it’s not really a big deal. While their romance is quick, Caitlín and Roarke have a solid HEA. I loved Mrs. Murphy and Nora and Carrick - I can’t wait for more of these characters!

This book can be read as a stand-alone, but it’s really best if you read the whole series from the start. It’s so worth it! Let me know what you think - I’d love to discuss.

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