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Take a short journey to adventure with Iron Kingdoms Excursions! Each season features six volumes, each containing three very short tales—1,500 words or less—about the people, creatures, and machines of Immoren. The Season One Collection gathers all eighteen previously released tales from the first season of Iron Kingdom Excursions into one book. Experience the Iron Kingdoms through the eyes of nine talented authors, including New York Times bestselling author Larry Correia, Hugo Award winner Howard Tayler, and Iron Kingdoms lead writer Douglas Seacat. 

In the Iron Kingdoms Excursions Season One Collection:

“Step Outside” by Larry Correia, from Vol. 4 – Go looking for trouble with the most infamous Malcontent from the novel Into the Storm as Savio Montero Acosta does his best to pick a fight.

“Mouths to Feed” by Howard Tayler, from Vol. 3 – Learn how the reclusive swamp gobbers survive among the bigger and nastier denizens of the marsh.

“A Hero’s End” by Aeryn Rudel, from Vol. 5 – Join a skorne warrior on his final battlefield as he expends his life for a chance at saving his soul.

“Failure to Impress” by Douglas Seacat, from Vol. 4 – Experience the dark underbelly of the pirate life in Five Fingers and what it means to be a sea dog, even against your will.

“Before Death, Retribution” by Erik Scott de Bie, from Vol. 6 – Seek the death of a brutal human arcanist alongside an Iosan mage hunter assassin.

“The Last Hunt” by William Shick, from Vol. 2 – Go on the hunt with Tharn ravagers as they track a dangerous beast through the wilds.

“Bound for Home” by Michael G. Ryan, from Vol. 6 – See through the eyes of the dead as a troop of Cryxian bane thralls terrorizes the Ordic coast.

“Weapons of the Enemy” by Orrin Grey, from Vol. 3 – Shoulder the burden of blasphemous magic along with a Vassal of Menoth.

“Replacement Parts” by Darla Kennerud, from Vol. 4 – Weather the storm of battle on the Khadoran front lines and learn what it takes to live, work, and hopefully survive as a battle mechanik.

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September 19
Privateer Press, Inc.
Privateer Press, Inc.

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