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Efficient irrigation systems measure and monitor water use. This book helps you makes sure water losses are kept to a minimum, while keeping the crop or pasture growing with no moisture stress. Efficient water storage, water budgeting and water use efficiency are explained in detail.

Part One: Meters is about:

• different types of meters and their advantages and disadvantages

• what to consider when selecting a meter

• installation and maintenance for meters.

It has become increasingly important to measure the amount of water your irrigation system uses, especially in difficult times such as drought or when there are regulatory changes to water availability. 

Part Two: Storage and Distribution is an overview of:

• the importance of reducing losses from seepage and evaporation

• measuring losses

• strategies for reducing losses

• economic value of  the cost of loss reduction.

Efficient storages and distribution systems are essential for improving the efficiency of water use. Your overall farm plan should include management of storage and distribution systems to reduce water losses.

Part Three: Benchmarking and Water Budgeting shows you how to:

• use, interpret and process benchmarking data for the collection of seasonal water use efficiency (WUE)

• develop a seasonal water budget.

Irrigation benchmarking and water budgeting are important management practices to ensure that you are using your irrigation water as well as you can on a sustained basis. Collection of accurate data is essential for these processes.

About this book

This publication was produced by Education Delivery, Tocal College. Tocal is an agricultural training and resource centre based in the Hunter Valley, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Tocal College is part of the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries. 

It supports the following competencies from National Training Package AHC10 Agriculture, Horticulture, Conservation and Land Management

AHCIRG301A – Implement a maintenance program for an irrigation system

AHCIRG303A – Measure irrigation delivery performance

AHCIRG316A – Implement a low volume irrigation maintenance program

AHCIRG 402A – Determine hydraulic parameters for an irrigation system

AHIRG501A – Audit irrigation systems

AHCIRG502A – Design an irrigation system maintenance and monitoring program

June 29
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