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Forgiveness is such a ‘tender’ gift that I wish, one and all, would recognise that it’s already installed within themselves. They may use it immediately, and in every sub- sequent moment – for the rest of their lives. 

In actuality, it’s part of our survival mechanism, which allows us to move for- ward, in a flow rather than in a daze. 

I dedicate this book to the whole of Humanity. 

A word about this series 

In this busy day and age, where people have more input than they sometimes able to concentrate on, I venture to offer a more succinct manner of deal- ing with subjects of interest, or need. 

The image of a tip of an iceberg immediately brings to mind that there is much more unseen, under- water if you may. 

Consciousness is very much like the waters of a vast sea whereby, our conscious thoughts are those that exist above the water level, and our submerged portion of the conscious – is very much our unknown part therefore, many times it is called the sub-conscious, or the un-conscious. 

Our feelings are just the waves, and wave crests, which are created by the winds of time, and occurrenc- es of life upon the surface. 

I’d like to have your brief time of contem- plation in reading this short book yet, to impress your mind with a profound message, and content. 

It is in the succinct that we may never be over- whelmed, and in overpowering vast amount of input that we are fatigued. 

I trust you know that much more could have been said about the subject of the book, but maybe 

what was said is enough.

I wish you joy and peace – always. 

October 15
Aire Libre Publishing & Computing Ltd.
Aire Libre Publishing & Computing Ltd.

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