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This is the first book in the Kraft & Kraft Interactive Reading Program. It’s the ideal place for a young reader to begin. It’s perfect for preschool, kindergarten, or home schooling. Book 2 is in development!

The husband-and-wife team of Kraft & Kraft has developed reading materials for many educational publishers, including Houghton Mifflin, Amsco, Glencoe McGraw-Hill, Pearson Longman, and New Readers Press.

Every page of this book invites the user to interact with the text. Every page offers a pop-up response to a tap. 

Unlike most beginning reading books, this book does not emphasize sight words. Instead, it teaches “sound-symbol correspondences” or “phonics patterns.” Your child doesn’t just learn a handful of words. Your child learns how to read. The instructional technique emphasizes

simple text

repeated words

repeated spelling patterns

repeated sentence patterns


interaction with the text

Words are always presented in sentence context, never in isolation. Pictures supplement the text, but the emphasis is always on words, sentences, and meaning. In other words, the emphasis is on reading.

This book focuses on the “short vowel sound” spelled by the letter a in hat. It introduces 34 “short a” pattern words, 12 essential sight words, and 5 sight words just for fun.

Pattern Words: Al, bad, bag, bat, cab, can, cap, cat, Dad, Dan, fan, gas, ham, has, hat, jam, Jan, man, map, mat, Max, Nan, nap, Pam, pan, Pat, sad, Sal, Sam, sax, tag, tan, van, yak

Essential Sight Words: a, get, he, I, in, is, not, in, she, that, the, this

Fun Words: alligator, baby, banana, parrot, pretzel

In addition, the text and pictures work together to teach a first set of comprehension skills:

using context to distinguish between words

making predictions

making comparisons

understanding words with two meanings

understanding statements and questions with is

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May 24
Kraft & Kraft
Eric Kraft

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