All Your Worth

The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan

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This personal finance guide from Dr. Phil’s financial guru, Elizabeth Warren, offers a new way of thinking about and managing your money that will allow you lifelong emotional peace and financial well-being.

You work hard and try to save money, so why is there never enough to cover all the bills, to put some away in your child’s college fund, to pay off your credit card debt—or to relax and have some fun, for once? In the New York Times bestseller All Your Worth, mother/daughter team Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi—authors of the acclaimed The Two-Income Trap—tell you the truth about money. The authors lay out a groundbreaking approach to getting control of your money so you can finally start building the life you’ve always wanted. The result of more than twenty years of intensive research, All Your Worth offers you a step-by-step plan that will let you master your finances—for the rest of your life.

The secret? It’s simple, really: get your money in balance. Warren and Tyagi show you how to balance your money into three essential parts: the Must-Haves (the bills you have to pay every month), the Wants (some fun money for right now), and your Savings (to build a better tomorrow). No complicated budgets, no keeping track of every penny. Warren and Tyagi will show you a whole new way of looking at money—and yourself—that will help you get your finances on track so you can enjoy peace of mind for the rest of your life.

Business & Personal Finance
March 8
Free Press

Customer Reviews

sliceandahalf ,

Thank you!

When I lost my job this book saved me from making many mistakes. Not only did I stay afloat for 4 months of joblessness but I helped many of my friends and loved ones get their money into order too. My boyfriend laughed as I held meetings in our living room, calculator and spreadsheets in hand. I was persistent that I could help. Some were reluctant to open up about their money issues but eventually we'd get a plan into place, usually after a pinky promise that I would not judge nor gossip. My sister was able to report being debt free after a few months! I wish I could make a larger impact to change the way our country thinks about money. Instead I started my own little budget group one member at a time. No longer should my generation live in an ignorant bliss or in fear of the $ signs. I didn't want to see my loved ones suffer over money. I used this book as a reference to not only help myself but to help others. We text each other with quotes to keep each other inspired. "I commit to a debt free day!"
They don't teach these things in school. Sure my parents tried with allowance. 50% to spend 30% to save 20% to charity. But they didn't know to teach me about variable rate mortgages or tell me the day I turn 18 the credit card offers would poor in. Well if Citi and Discover say I can afford a $3K credit limit they must be right! WRONG!!
I am happy I found this book in my early 20s instead of years of debt later. Thanks to Elizabeth Warren's appearances on The Daily Show and Colbert I found this book. Elizabeth Warren is my role model. I work in the credit card industry and am happy to see the compliance changes being enforced by the COP.
It's not about getting rich quick it's about being smart about money. Sure maybe living within your means sounds like a bore! But the sleep is sweeter and the feeling of actually owning your things is more satisfying than a lavish lifestyle. I recently bought a new patio set and a lovely chrome grill. The comfort of my new space isn't from the cushions! It's from knowing not one dime was put on a credit card. I recommend this book to anyone but especially to those just entering adult hood. I know who reads?! Can I find the info on twitter? Take the time to learn about money while you're just starting to pay your own rent and utilities. Turn away Citi when they offer you a free tshirt for a lifetime of bad credit card habits. Take control. Let's build a brighter economy for ourselves and our children. Let's educate ourselves so we don't get screwed over by credit lenders.
Obviously I loved the book! I'd give it 10000 stars if I could!


Lainie Amethyst ,

Well worth the read!

I really enjoyed this book. It was easy to read and understand and gave a lot of great advice about personal finances. I highly recommend it!

Hilly42 ,

Great advice

Can't wait to get started. It makes so much sense. Wish I had this knowledge 40 years ago

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