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From the bestselling author of Fatherland and Pompeii, comes the first novel of a trilogy about the struggle for power in ancient Rome.

In his “most accomplished work to date” (Los Angeles Times), master of historical fiction Robert Harris lures readers back in time to the compelling life of Roman Senator Marcus Cicero. The re-creation of a vanished biography written by his household slave and righthand man, Tiro, Imperium follows Cicero’s extraordinary struggle to attain supreme power in Rome.

On a cold November morning, Tiro opens the door to find a terrified, bedraggled stranger begging for help. Once a Sicilian aristocrat, the man was robbed by the corrupt Roman governor, Verres, who is now trying to convict him under false pretenses and sentence him to a violent death. The man claims that only the great senator Marcus Cicero, one of Rome’s most ambitious lawyers and spellbinding orators, can bring him justice in a crooked society manipulated by the villainous governor. But for Cicero, it is a chance to prove himself worthy of absolute power. What follows is one of the most gripping courtroom dramas in history, and the beginning of a quest for political glory by a man who fought his way to the top using only his voice—defeating the most daunting figures in Roman history.

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 19
Simon & Schuster

Customer Reviews

OKI006 ,

Great book for historical fiction lovers…

Overall a great portrayal of Cicero's rise to Consul of Roman Republic.

One small note on this edition: when Cicero and Tiro, on the way to visit his father at Arpinum (Arpino) travel from Rome to Tusculum (Frascati) on Via Latina, they pass through a town called Ferentium. Ferentium was a town near Viterbo, up north and it is definitely not on Via Latina. The author must have meant Ferentinum (Ferentino).

jimac2521 ,

Spell binding

A brilliant book that you will not be able to put down. Mr Harris writes in a way that puts you right back in Rome and you can almost smell the ancient scents and feel the lively city under your toes as the flip through each page.

hooverlaw ,

Imperium: a great political thriller and brilliant guide of law and lawyers.

Fascinating. Deeply Insightful. Thrilling. Imperium should be required reading in all law schools for its masterful command and brilliant teaching of the intrigue and design which so plainly stands behind all government. Highly recommended!

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