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This delightful, romantic debut follows a sophisticated Manhattanite who trades her fast-paced Wall Street life for the English countryside, and unexpectedly becomes a nanny to the children of a widowed British lord. Who is as infuriating as he is intriguing...

Jordy Greene has it all—the high-powered job, the high-octane New York lifestyle, the powerful lover—until she’s suddenly forced to flee the city. Running to avoid false charges of illegal trading and a destructive relationship, Jordy escapes to England. There she finds refuge in a cottage on the estate of the icy Lord John Grey—a descendant of the Nine Day Queen, Lady Jane Grey.

The four rambunctious Grey children are in desperate need of a nanny, and Jordy is in desperate need of a purpose—so they plunge into an investigation of the Tudor queen’s mysterious life and shocking death. Amid flying subpoenas, willful adolescents, outraged aristocrats, and an unexpected attraction to Lord Grey, Jordy struggles to regain control of her life. In the midst of the chaos, can she find the kind of happiness she’d never thought to have?

If The Sound of Music and The Wolf of Wall Street had a child, it would be the captivating Nannyland!

May 30
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Laurie_Oh_TLG ,


I am in love with Nannyland. There, I said it. This book utterly and completely stole my heart. I finished it at least three days ago and I am still thinking about it. So yes, I’ve got it bad.

Nannyland is Jane Elizabeth Hughes’ first novel and I must say – Well done you. Very well done. This is a brilliantly written romance that hints at the books I read back in the day, but with a decidedly more modern heroine (and technology). I didn’t put this book down until I was finished, it pulled me in and didn’t let me go.

So why did I like Nannyland so much? Well, it is a combination of things. But it starts with the main character, Jordy Greene. She was running from her New York life, but the life she ran to or dove into in the Cotswolds, whilst it pushed her (way) out of her comfort zone, she was resourceful and managed it. I realize that sounds very business-y, but I promise it is quite the opposite. Jordy's story is not that of fish out of water, it’s what the fish does to adapt to her surroundings, all the while making sense of the chaos that is Grey Manor and it’s young and irrepressible residents. For me, every scene between Jordie and the children was a worth the price of admission – she got them and was in their corner in every way.

This is a romance and what transpires between Jordy and Lord John Grey might be one of my favorite book relationships. On paper, these two shouldn’t be together -- they are opposites in every way, but exactly what the other needs. Lord Grey is a politician and mostly reserved. His taste in music is impeccable and made me love him even more. All I could think of is Colin Firth in What a Girl Wants.

While I love history and the United Kingdom, I don’t pretend to be even partially knowledgeable about the British monarchy before Queen Victoria. But here, the legend of Lady Jane Grey is perfectly woven into the story in a way that was nothing short of fascinating. I am sorely tempted to do more reading about the Nine Day Queen.

So I don’t often like my books made into film (Looking at you Prince of Tides), but this is a book that could very well be amazing. Even in the book, these characters felt as if they could come to life.

I am stupid mad for Nannyland. I can’t say enough about it. This a wonderful book with amazing characters that you sneak into your heart and maybe not leave.

The only thing I didn’t like about it?

It ended.

Peter t 21 ,


I was so pleasantly surprised by this book. It has heart and substance. I want to be friends with Jordy! Loved it.

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