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Out of the box, Apple has a commitment to accessibility and have built in so many 

options and support. Many people don’t know that. There is nothing worse when you 

get your new Apple device, to have to work out where the ports and buttons are, 

what they do, how you turn it on, how to activate accessibility, and how (finally) you 

can possibly start using it.

iSee helps you from a blind persons perspective with all of the above covering the 

iPod nano, iPod shuffle and the Apple TV, iOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad), and 

OS X  (Macs).  In addition, you’ll find VoiceOver gestures/keyboard commands, 

operating system keyboard commands, useful software (apps) and hardware (such 

as Airplay speakers), considerations for choosing your iOS device, and useful 


This is a living book, so as things change, so will iSee.

About the Author:

David Woodbridge is a Senior Adaptive Technology Consultant at Vision Australia where he has worked since 1990. Over this time he has assisted people who are blind or vision impaired in their home, education, and work settings to take advantage of the benefits of using assistive technology. In the last five years, he has also been involved with evaluating technology for use by people who are blind or vision impaired covering both low and high tech equipment.  David is also one of the key spoke persons for Vision Australia relating to technology.

David lost his sight when he was 8 years old and had to learn Braille. Since then, he completed high school, went to Sydney University receiving a Social Work degree, spent 4 years drug and alcohol counselling, and moved into his current job. As a person who is blind, David believes that as a user of the technology that he recommends to others, that he is well situated to look at the strengths and short comings of the assistive technology that he comes across in both his professional and personal life, in particularly, mainstream technology that is accessible.

David can be followed on Twitter: @dwoodbridge.

Subscribe to his Apple and Other Technologies podcast at: or via iTunes.

December 20
David Woodbridge
David Woodbridge