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Isis Wept is an epic tale of love and loss, one of the greatest love stories, war stories, and horror stories mankind has ever conceived. It is retold here with energy, grit, and darkness that amplifies the qualities that have brought this story through five thousand years of transient civilizations.

Egypt, 8000 years ago. The gods walk among men as titans, powerful beings with passions that move mountains, fix stars in the heavens, and master the forces of life and death. Within this pantheon, Osiris, god of order and civilization, rules mankind with the beneficence of a teacher. His wife Isis, goddess of life and the most desirable of all immortals, aids in his efforts to raise the fledgling Man from barbarism.

But not all is grand in Osiris's kingdom. Set, king of desolate Abu Simbel and god of chaos and the deep desert, boils in jealousy for all Osiris has. He murders his brother god and steals his kingdom. He even works out his fantasies with the widowed queen.

No one can stop him. The ceremonial guard of Osiris is decimated and scattered. The priests of Abydos are murdered and beheaded. Only Isis keeps her wits in the terror that follows. As the city burns, as she mourns her husband and fears for her future, Isis ensures that the ensigns of kingship are smuggled out of Set's reach. Without them, he cannot rule with legitimacy.

But more escapes Set than a few trinkets of the gods. The Wadjit Eye of Ra, the most powerful ensign of the city, is entrusted to a lowly farmer-soldier, who will be hunted for years for its sake. Set cannot even trammel the spirit of his new human subjects. Though terrorized and starved, the people show backbone the god of deserts did not know they had. They rise up against their tormenter in guerrilla war.

Freed by the rebels, Isis devotes her life and considerable power to finding the lost body of her husband, then bringing it back from the dead. In the course of this quest, kingdoms fall, armies clash, and the balance of power between gods and men is altered forever.

ISIS WEPT explores questions of who we are as humans and how we interact with the forces of nature around us. The gods are nature, unable to use their power except in ways consistent with their characters. Men, on the other hand, can make themselves, and they do so with vengeance. Disaster befalls men and gods alike in this consuming war between immortals. But man continues, man adapts, man learns that he can govern nature even as nature governs him.

ISIS WEPT, like its namesake, is a tantalizing force of nature.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 15
Stephan Michael Loy
Smashwords, Inc.

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Toddiah ,

Isis Wept

For those of you who love all things of ancient Egypt, this is a fascinating read. I look forward to the next tale of man and the Gods.

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