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The Vision of Numbers 1, 7, and the Star of David is a revelation of the heart of God for all humanity. The revelation gives a biblical account of the history of Israel and the call of Abraham by God, to father a new nation. The land was covenanted to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by God as an everlasting inheritance to his “Seed”. Through Abraham’s son, Jacob, the “Seed” of the woman of Genesis 3:15 would be born. The “Seed” Jesus Christ would be a blessing both spiritually and physically to all humanity, He would bring redemption to all people. The revelation gives deep insight into the Passover and the Exodus from Egypt and introduces the seven Feasts of the Lord which outlines God’s Eternal Plan for all humanity, from chaos to eternity. The revelation focuses on Israel; God’s chosen people and Time piece in the earth and points to why Israel is the most hotly contested piece of land in the earth. The reason for the conflicts in the Middle East today and why Jerusalem, Israel’s Capital City is the most fought – over piece of real estate in the world. Jerusalem has been sought after by all major religions Jews, Muslims and Christians for thousands and thousands of years. God was espoused to Israel and she became his wife. She was unfaithful to Him and had to be punished for her disobedience, idolatry and unfaithfulness to God; therefore, she was uprooted from the land of promise and dispersed to many nations of the world. After two thousand years Israel is back in the land and became a nation on May 14th 1948, fulfilling “The Fig Tree Prophecy” which ushers in the time, the bible calls the “Last Days”, or the “time of Jacob’s trouble”. Therefore, the revelation points to our soon coming King - Jesus Christ. “He is near, even at the door”. He will reign in The Capital City, Jerusalem, it is God’s resting place for all eternity. It is the Lord’s inheritance; where He will reign in Majesty. It is in this future City that all believers of the House that Christ is building will live and reign with Him. Our home, the New Jerusalem will descend from heaven to this great land and Christ will reign with both Jews and Gentiles in that City forever and ever. It is God’s will for all people from every nation, country, tribe and culture to be saved; this is God’s heart for all people and humanity’s only hope – salvation in Jesus Christ. Deuteronomy 4:6 Says: “Hear O Israel: The Lord our God the Lord is one” 202

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March 5
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