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In 2011, Paul Colton and a couple of friends embarked on a week-long discovery of the country of Israel. This book captures the trip as a photographic journal with full English and Hebrew captions. Starting in Tel Aviv and heading all the way to the north border, continuing south to the southern most point of Eilat and finishing up again in Tel Aviv via Jerusalem. Over 150 pages of full-page photographs including some panoramas and even video clips. If you have never visited Israel, here’s a unique way to experience it -- and if you’ve been there before, relive the beauty and culture that is unique to the land of Israel.

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February 9
Paul Colton
Paul Colton

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State of Tel Aviv ,

Outstanding travel pnotography

The photography of Paul Colton is really something special -- poignant, illuminating and grand. He can show you the broadest vistas and the most intimate moments. Join him here for his sojourn of discovery through storied Israel, delicately captured in gentle tones and vibrant hues.

Although he was only in Israel for one week, he traveled to every corner of the country and found much to interest him at every turn. Looking at his photos (and a few snippets of video), I felt like I was there again. Colton's pictures made me want to plan my next return to Israel!

Revaar ,


The book leaves the impression that the author was visiting Israel on business, decided to make a quick buck by publishing the photos he took, but had no clue of the history at any site he visited. Caesarea is a great example. He took a few photos of the crusader fortress but completely left out the much older sections and seemed unaware of what he had missed.

If you are going to publish a photo book of sites with such history be sure to do a little homework before hand.

This book is an absolute waste of money.