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Solve a mermaid's problem…
Step off the edge of a roof…
Dig up a grave at midnight…
Take advice from a fortune cookie…
Visit the last library…
Meet a bridge troll…
And more…

In one instant, like a bolt of lightning, a single impossible event changes a person's life. And like the trace of lighting in the sky, each is unique and interesting.

These wildly different flash stories delight, astonish, scare, and inspire. Enjoy 64 delightfully eclectic tales. Like your flash fiction intriguing with a twist? Discover the diversity and check out It Happened in a Flash.

These stories are included:
Don't Stop Believing Joyce Sully
A Fresh Start Troy Pennie
Nonsense Katharina Gerlach
Fist-bump Tuff Gartin
The Dare Lexy Stanton
Unicorn Ruth Sard
Queen of Swords Moira K. Brennan
Liar, Liar Barbara Lund
0—The Fool Raven O'Fiernan
And Music Will Set You Free Marya Miller
The Wisteria Princess Nika Cantabile
Fair Folk Hannetjie Joubert
D-A-V-E Ken Bristow
Desperate Times Rebecca W. Hansen
Nothing New Alex F. Fayle
Art for the Cure Connie Cockrell
Meltdown at Markin Four Elizabeth McCleary
Touching the Edge Ava Fairhall
Cowboy Heroes S.R. Olson
Knighthood Rachel Kovaciny
The Book Thief Angela Wooldridge
Vengeance Never Undone Dwayne Allemao
Home Storm Weaver
Stronger Oren Litwin
The Trouble With Aunt Flo… Nina Hobson
Boxcar Revolution Laura Wilson-Anderson
The Touch Chaitali Gawade
The Last Library Ky Moffet
Corrected Vision Devlyn Dunne
Weather Report Sylvie Granville
Awakening Annais Ryder
Tacky Timothy Couch
The Long, Concrete Ditch R.C. Blatter
Write & Wrong Charles Hoge
Magic Trick Amberlyn Pryor
A Clean Home is a Happy Home Dana Fischer
Waystation Samantha Hulatt
Bad Day Sarah Neuen
Reaching Consensus VS Stark
The Hunted J.L. Perry
The Wyrm Turns Peg Fisher
Saveyour Mike Lucas
Hunted Eileen Mueller
The Rescue Nicky Penttila
The Magic Threads Kirsten Bolda
Girls Can't be Knights Ernesto I. Ramirez
Stilettos Charlotte Henley Babb
The Proud Aide Elaine S. Milner
Bloody Lucky James Roecourt
Will the Real Captain Amazo Please Stand Up? James Husum
Frozen in Time Kent Pollard
Homebound Heidi Ferguson
The One that Got Away Lauren M. Catherine
A New Adventure Janna Willard
Shattered Kami Bataya
Twin Opportunities Marie Dowd
Aimee Meets the Bridge Troll Julia Mozingo
11th Hour Eliza K. Gillham
The Return Arlo Sharp
Into the Light Rachel Hobbs
Spacebullies Shana Bloom
Confucius Say Michael Eldridge
Freebie Holly Lisle
Now What? Tom Vetter

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December 6
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