It Happened to me

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            In the beginning there is darkness. A cigarette burn at the top corner of the screen. A patch of white followed by a field of orange, burnt umbra, and red. White follows again and finally an image appears through a crackling sound. The sound corrects and there is a sexpot in a hot tub. You've seen the woman before. They always look familiar. That's their magic. Your high school sweet heart with the jugs you always wanted for her. That coworker who hates you was in last nights film. Your neighbor has been in a few as well. Porn girls have to be pretty, but not too pretty. Not Hollywood pretty otherwise they would've already been in Hollywood. Like Sasha Grey. Porn guys are universally mediocre. Big cocks but no face, just vacant expressions. There is no mystery in porn. There is no mystique.

            The woman in the hot tub has a hot pink bikini. She has straight jet black hair and gray eye shadow for a face. She pulls the bottoms out of the way and smears shaving cream on her snatch. You see her take a shaving razor that was previously unseen and shave herself. She moans, throws her head back, but you know it's a lie. No one enjoys shaving like the woman on your screen.

            A second woman inexplicably arrives clad in a similarly strappy piece of fabric. She finds the black haired woman irresistible and can't help but strip herself and join this goddess in the hot tub. You watch intently as they move together moving into each other creating a single erotic monstrosity for your eyes to devour.

            Don't dare look closer. The spell will be broken and the fantasy built on your dream girl will die on the vine. She doesn't like shaving her t**t anymore then anyone else but she is performing for you. She is an entertainer and will never threaten your beliefs. Pornography is your religion of choice. Anything can be a religion all that is required is belief in the fiction presented to you. Silk Razor writhes on your screen pleasuring herself while you pay your tithe. There is a divine pantheon to pornography with Linda Lovelace as the virgin mother and John Holmes as the Christ. The pantheon grew for years but now it is inundated and feeding on itself. The ouroboros with Jesus eating the ass of Mohammed who is eating the ass of Siddhartha Who eats Krishna who eats the crone mother who eats Zeus while the cycle all over again.

            Sexuality is strange and our pursuit of it is one of the singular pursuits of mankind. It's as potent as any drug you could every take and the repercussions of misuse can be catastrophic. It can also bring great joy and the only other thing I can liken it to is a fire. The men and women in the stories that follow are captured in a moment of sexual misadventure. At the crux of the story is the singular phrase, it happened to me. The stories hereafter are written in a heightened reality where sexuality is celebrated and adventurous but you may find some familiar faces as you read.

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July 9
Draft2Digital, LLC

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