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Can you find true love in the hood? Follow three best friends as they try to find love in the city of brotherly love, better known as Philly. Louchanna aka Lucky an unassuming, innocent college girl meets a young boss by the name of Carlos. Their instant love affair turns out to be anything but perfect or fairytale. Lucky finds out that being a boss’s wifey comes with its many luxuries as well as its equal share of downsides.

Whoever says you have to let the past stay in the past? That’s not the case for Keema who’s suddenly faced with a tough decision. What’s a girl to do when her past wants a place in her future? Her first love Jah is back to claim the heart he once left shattered. Can people really change? Or does the old saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’ stand true?
Ty, Lucky’s cousin strives on being the poster child of the independent woman in Corporate America. While her career and ambitions are on track her love life is the total opposite. After an unforgettable one night stand Ty can’t seem to get Nice out of her system no matter who she’s with. Deep down she feels that he could be the one to show her what real love is, despite the odds stacked against their budding love.

Buckle up and come along for this roller coaster ride of drama. Strap up and be prepared to ride along with these girls as they experience love and life. Many things will change in their lives but one thing that will never is the bond and sisterhood they share. Is there really such a thing as finding love in the hood? Find the answer to that question in this drama packed book filled with sex, betrayal, drugs, murder, and hood love.

Fiction & Literature
February 5
Ivory B.
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

fightmight ,

Really good book

Love this book. I couldn’t put it down but the ending is poo lol ❤️❤️

Suriprincess ,

It is what it is a hood love story

I over love that book

Banks T ,

Great Book

Great book. I couldn't put the book done. I've read it twice. Love it. Hope there is a part two.

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