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From the comedian, television writer, and host of the Best Show, a revealing and powerful memoir exploring a life of struggle and reinvention

“This book is unflinchingly honest, deeply affecting and just relentlessly funny. If you read it and don’t like it, it’s 100% your fault.”—John Oliver, Emmy Award-winning creator and host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Tom Scharpling is good at being funny, which is a miracle, considering what he's survived. Like hitting a deer and narrowly escaping with his life on the night of the 2016 election. But that's nothing compared to the struggles he had earlier in his life.

It Never Ends is his memoir of a life writing comedy amidst a lifelong struggle with mental illness, a story he has never told before. It’s the heartbreaking account of his intense coming-of-age, and the lengths he's undertaken to pull away from the brink of self-destruction. Scharpling brought himself back to life first with punk zines and NBA coverage, then through the world of comedy, writing and executive producing Monk, and creating one of the most beloved, longest running comedy radio broadcasts/podcasts, The Best Show. Of course, there are also the tangents into auditioning for The New Monkees, why Billy Joel sucks, the siren call of the Sex and the City slot machines, and how he made a fool of himself in an elevator with Patti Smith.

Tom is the quintessential underdog, and he wears that status on his sleeve as a badge of honor. With this memoir, he lifts the curtain to let the light in on the turmoil that still follows him, even as he racks up accolades and achievements. But most importantly, he reminds us that while many of us carry trauma and shame, we are not alone. It Never Ends is about rising above whatever circumstance you find yourself in and getting the most out of your life, while steamrolling the chumps along the way.

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July 6
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ChumpSteamroller ,


Tom Scharpling is funny. And smart. The book is great whether you’re already a fan of The Best Show or not. Buy it!!!

Your Kuker ,

Call It Sleep. No, ACTUAL SLEEP

Surly koala Tom Scharpling, The Elizabeth Egotist, The Hackensack Homunculus, The Nutley Ninny, foists his whitewashed hogwash on an indifferent public, a doomed attempt to rebrand himself as a wise and kindly elder statesman to the younger generation. This is a highly edited version of his original 1,000 page manuscript, a full accounting of his trials and triumphs, more exhaustive in scope than Robert Caro's biography of LBJ. The period at the end of this sentence represents your troubles in comparison to Tom's innumerable sufferings. You got that? The title is taken from a comment scribbled on top of the banker's box containing his MS, which was found in a dumpster behind his publisher's building. The following excerpt is purportedly from the planned first volume, which entails his New Jersey boyhood [Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255]-

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