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Jennifer and Tim live on a Wyoming ranch owned by his father. They had been married for just less than 8 years and had two kids when Tim brought home some old copies of Penthouse, Forum and Variations magazines he had picked up in an adult book store while traveling to bigger cities on ranch business. Sometimes he brought back X-rated videos too.

Jennifer writes this report on how reading those magazines and viewing those videos together began to stimulate their already-great sex life. The stories and the videos often depicted a woman being serviced by more than one guy. Jennifer admits that they “Really turned me on... but at first I didn't tell Tim how those stories got my juices flowing. Finally, I think he began to notice how I would get extra receptive to his advances after hearing about or seeing such situations on the videos.”

She reports that one night while Tim was buried inside her, “He continued to gently stroke in and out of me while a glow settled over me. Then he said, ‘Imagine that this cock inside of you is attached to another guy, and I am laying on the other side of you... necking with you and playing with your breasts’.”

Without directly responding, she says “With that, I went over the top in a highly satisfying climax as he buried himself deeply within me and held his cock there until my climax sucked a climax out of him. We rolled over and both quickly fell asleep.”

Tim picked up on Jennifer’s implied acknowledgement of her interest in such two-guy play. He quickly used an adult contact publication to contact potential guys who might join him in enhancing Jennifer’s sexual pleasures. He planned a long weekend ski vacation to Colorado for the two of them.

The first night in Denver Jennifer was treated to her first experience of intimacy with Tim and a second guy. Later, after their new friend had left, Jennifer cuddled in Tim’s arms and said, "I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH BABY! ... and I sincerely thank you for the extraordinarily sensual experience you allowed me to enjoy this evening."

The next day they travelled to Copper Mountain for some skiing. During a lunch break they met the second guy Tim had arranged for them to meet. That afternoon the three of them skied together. That night they all soaked in a hot tub before the two guys gave Jennifer a very satisfying four-handed massage.

The massage led to a second opportunity for Jennifer to experience a new (quite large) cock as Tim held her in his arms. She says, “The next morning I awoke to pleasant memories of the previous night, and began to suck Tim to hardness. He awoke, turned me over on my knees, and gave it to me doggy-style while talking to me about the previous night with Mel, until we both had rewarding orgasms of our own.”

Jennifer concludes her report with: ““Tim and I have since had a half dozen or so similar away-from-home adventures, and all have given us memorable, sensually-stimulating experiences that we often re-live during our private love-making. We still read the stories of other people's adventures, and occasionally view porno flicks together, but they are mostly for remembering our own real life experiences.”

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September 10
Joan Vegas
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