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Trisha and her husband Dan were planning to spend a quiet evening drinking in their local bar, but when they got there it was hot and crowded, and they both felt uncomfortable. Suddenly Trisha has an idea and, holding out her hand, commanded her husband to follow her. The park across from the bar was dark and silent. They find a dark and secluded spot and start enjoying each other, alfresco. It was hot in the bar, Trisha looked across the table at husband Dan, he looked uncomfortable too; it was crowded. She rose to her feet, the three inch heels she wore clicking on the hard wood of the floor “Come with me,” she held out her hand. Dan took it out of curiosity. He rose to his feet and angled his body around the small table to stand next to Trisha. “Follow me,” she gave him a smile, her face lighting up as he stepped towards her again. Trisha pushed through the crowd, keeping her fingers wrapped tightly around Dan’s warm hands; she smiled to herself, thinking of what she was going to do to him after they got out of the bar. They made it to the door and both stepped out into the warm night air. Trisha reached into her purse and pushed a button on her phone, 11:45, almost midnight. There was a park on the other side of the block, it would be empty at this time of night and Trisha had the perfect use for it. “Come on”, she gave he husband a smile, her face lighting up as he smiled back. She felt her pulse race as he slipped up behind her, sliding his hand over her ass. “Where are we going?” he asked quietly, his deep voice sounding sexy in the still night air. “You’ll see,” Trisha started to walk, flashing Dan a smile and admiring his strong face, silhouetted against the night sky. Trisha slipped her heels off as they stepped into the park and walked on the damp grass in her bare feet. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Trisha asked as they made their way deeper into the park, threading their way past hedges and trees as they looked for a secluded spot. Dan stopped, “You know me,” he gave her a wink, his handsome face shining as he leaned forward, wrapping his hands around her waist and pulling her towards him. Her body rested against his as he leaned his face down towards her, his lips gently touching hers. His left hand rose slowly up the curve of her back to caress her shoulder as his lips pressed to hers. Trisha moaned, pushing her body against his so that her breasts touched at his chest and the curve of her belly rested against his hips. She could feel his hard body beneath hers. Trisha pushed against him harder, rubbing the soft flesh of her breasts over his chest; she pulled away from him for a second, her lips parting as they left his. “Can I take your shirt off?” Trisha whispered, it was dark, no one would see. Dan glanced around and pointed at a space next to a hedge, it would be hard for anyone else to see; he took a few spaces towards the dark area and pulled his shirt over his head before dropping to the ground. Trisha grinned and followed him, leaving her shirt on; she preferred to wait until he decided to take it off for her. His hands came up to cup her breasts gently through her shirt, his strong fingers squeezing at her round curves and causing Trisha to gasp in pleasure, the tips of his fingers going under, darting along her soft flesh, leaving goose bumps where his fingers had been.

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February 15
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