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Your life is all about YOU…

Now I know that can sound a little selfish, or even a lot; but do you remember

the well-worn cliché… ‘take care of yourself first or you will have nothing

left to give to others'… and I am also reminded of an analogy that goes like


‘Imagine yourself in an aeroplane and you are responsible for two young

children when suddenly the plane gets into trouble and the oxygen masks

drop down'.

I have asked this question many times; ‘do you, put the mask on the children

first?’… and the more common answer by far is, ‘of course!’

But think of it this way… if others are dependent on you, do you not think it

more responsible to ensure you are ok first so that you can then help them?

So, in this analogy certainly you should fit your mask first.

You see all of life should fit this analogy... we so often go through life caring

about everyone and everything but ourselves… we end up putting ourselves

last, and then wonder why we are so exhausted physically and emotionally.

We all have our own body and our own mind and it is our responsibility to

take the best care of them; and respect them.

How many times have you heard someone say, and it may have been

you… ‘Yes, of course I’m taking care of myself. Look I’ve just bought this

wonderful pair of shoes!’ or ‘Yes, I’ve just booked a holiday so I can get away

from it all for a week!’

These are not wrong, they are simply another part of YOU looking after

YOU. But in ‘It’s All About YOU' I will talk about embracing your consciousness

your perceptions… and really looking after that most important part of

you. After all… you are the only person who can do that!

As we learn to look after ourselves more, we become better people; and

when we are in touch with our own feelings, we can then reach out more

effectively to others and show them our love and understanding.

So, there it is, of course it is not selfish to think about yourself first at all, in

fact it is absolutely the opposite. If we fill our own emotional tanks with self respect

and loving care, we have much more to give to our loved ones.

In ‘It’s all about YOU’, we will look at the basics of working within the life

you have so you can become exactly that, the very best YOU.

We will be looking at how your life reveals itself to you, for it is only a mirror

of your perceptions. Attempting to change your world by force is as fruitless

as smashing the mirror in the hope it will change the reflection of what you

see. We must leave the mirror alone and change our feelings and ideas of

who we really are.

It will be your prescription to a more fulfilling life, for you and for everyone

with whom you have a connection.

Health, Mind & Body
September 30
Simon Wilde Publishing
Simon Lawrence

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