Its Never Too Late

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Publisher Description

Post-divorce vacation, a broken down jet Ski and the unexpected Romance with a younger man.

"Are you kidding me!" Renee turned the key on the jet ski for the tenth time, trying to restart it after she had stopped to take a selfie. "Take a post-divorce vacation," they said. "It will be fun!" fun, my ass!

Renee Martin is a successful lawyer who is independent, strong, and always has the answers. But now, she finds herself clueless off the shore of Galveston Island, stranded on a broken-down rental jet ski.

Pulling out a flare gun, she swelled with hope. As she opened the device, her heart sank. A flare gun with no flares a novel idea. If only she could use her explosive anger as a signal. Renee hated feeling helpless. Her phone was useless, being adrift where there was no service. She didn't expect any and only brought it to take a picture of proof for her coworkers.

Renee took this time to curse them out in her mind. The trip to Galveston Island was their gift to her. After throwing her a surprise divorce party, they told her it was time to get away and reset herself. Renee tried to refuse, arguing there was too much work to leave behind. Her protests fell on deaf ears, as her co-workers insisted that she spoil herself after the ugly mediation with her ex.

After what seemed like an eternity, a large fishing boat stopped to assist her. Jonathan, an attractive young man, pulled the boat alongside her and helped her onto the boat's deck. Renee looked up and found herself staring into Jonathan's eyes. The words thank you failed to come out of her mouth, and she was startled by their undeniable connection.

Renee struggles with her desire for a younger man. When she gives in to her desire, she discovers it's never too late for love.

April 27
Stormi Maxwell
Draft2Digital, LLC