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Did you hear...?

NATALIE WAGNER, random freshman: Avery Dennis--the Avery Dennis--got dumped right before prom.

COCO KIM, best friend: Avery has never been dumped! Well, okay, except for this one time.

BIZZY STANHOPE, officially the worst: The head of the prom committee doesn't have a date to the prom. It is beyond pathetic.

JAMES ""HUTCH"" HUTCHERSON, lab partner: Did Avery really swear off dating until she discovers why her relationships never work out? I'll believe that when I see it.

ROBBY MONROE, ex-boyfriend: Did you get interviewed by Avery Dennis for her project?

TRIPP GOMEX-PARKER, ex-boyfriend: Avery Dennis is straight-up interviewing everyone.

AVERY DENNIS: recently dumped/topic of much gossip: Okay. Everyone is talking about it, so let's talk about it...

From rising star Stephanie Kate Strohm, this is a laugh-out-loud look at one girl's epic dating history, as told by her friends, family, and foes.

Young Adult
October 25
Scholastic Inc.
Scholastic Inc.
Grades 5-10

Customer Reviews

mockinjay4 ,


I enjoyed it a lot

BGwin ,

An Entertaining Read

I didn’t know what I was getting into with “It’s Not Me, It’s You,” but I was pleasantly surprised. The first surprise was the formatting. It’s basically a script (not surprising since the author is an actor), which could’ve gone horribly wrong, but didn’t. The dialogue was witty, funny, and moved at a fast pace. The. Nara terms were enjoyable and the subject light. It was almost Gilmore Girlish in the back-and-forth the characters had.

I will say that on the whole, I found Avery a bit unrealistic. It didn’t exactly detract from the story because there was reasoning involved behind her dating decisions, but no popular girls I’ve ever encountered would date as non discriminatorily as she did. They dated to climb their way up the food chain and in no way cared about “the good that no one else saw.”

I think my favorite character was a tie between Ezra and Bizzy. One, because Bizzy, really? You know she’s going to be something else with that name. And two because she was the most threateningingly non threatening character I’ve ever read. She was kind of a joke in her obvious disdain and jealousy of Avery, yet she never stood down. And Ezra, did that kid really not see the absurdity of his situation? Did he really not recognize or care about how ridiculous his parents were?

I don’t know if I’d have bought this book had it not been on sale, but I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone looking for something lighthearted or under the age of 18.

natali313_8d ,

Great Book

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