It's Their Time (A Guide to Youth Sports‪)‬

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This book is from the view of a coach, trainer, and an umpire. There is a lot of work to be done on how youth sports are handled. It seems we have lost the real reason we have our kids get involved--for the fun of it. The fun has been replaced with stress and the pressure to be perfect. This book has opinions and examples of what can be learned from sports. Maybe a parent or a coach see themselves in the book, good or bad. And maybe, one step at a time, we can start to change the culture in youth sports.

It is a different world that the kids have to deal with today. Peer pressure, academic pressure, family pressure, and self-imposed pressure. The one place that should be a safe haven is whatever sport they choose to play and have fun. But, sometimes, adults take that away.

The chapters in this book relate in some way to most all of us. "Why Stress Them Out" (mistakes do happen at all levels, and it is okay); "Be a Teacher First" (if you are a good teacher, coaching becomes easier); "This Is Their Time" (adults' actions should not take away from the kids' joy); "Learn from the Game" (respect, commitment, work ethic, passion, fair competition); "Help Them Succeed" (don't ask them to do what they are not ready for); "Let Them Be Their Best" (today's best might not be the same as yesterday's best, but it was their best today). Ability is what you are capable of; motivation determines what you do; attitude determines how you will do it.

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August 28
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