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Wilfred of Ivanhoe is disinherited by his father Cedric of Rotherwood for supporting the Norman King Richard and for falling in love with the Lady Rowena, Cedric's ward and a descendant of the Saxon Kings of England. Cedric had planned to marry her to the powerful Lord Aethelstane, pretender to the Crown of England through his descent from the last Saxon King, Harold Godwinson, thus cementing a Saxon political alliance between two rivals for the same claim. Ivanhoe accompanies King Richard on the Crusades, where he is said to have played a notable role in the Siege of Acre by enduring with great fortitude the privations of life in the city and Christian camp after their containment by Saladin; Ivanhoe also tends to Louis of Thuringia who suffers from malaria.

Young Adult
January 1
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Public Domain

Customer Reviews

AC's products ,

Amazing novel

I enjoyed the story, I feel that he can be a bit verbose at times, but when you get to the meat if the story it is pretty well done

JpFarmMama ,

A great story!

The first book I read by Scott was Lady Of The Lake, and I love it. I’m not too sure how I feel about Ivanhoe as a whole, because I saw the BBC mini series first. And my most favorite lines from the film are not even part of the book. I do however feel that the film took a great story and made it even better. Although the film is a bit more poetic in its justice. While the book is more about honor on a base level. Both are good.
Yes the story does get drug out a bit at times, but it isn’t horrible. And if you like history, and spending time with a book, it will be appreciated. There is actually a lot going on, with a number of dynamics within one book. Overall it is very well done. And I will cherish my hardbacked copies… I just can’t read them in the dark, like I can my phone.

Gragmon ,


A wonderful story and a delight of a read. Though not a comic tale, Scott’s style exudes wry humor. The prose is elegant yet accessible. Top notch!

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