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‘Jack Pepper’s Greatest Triumph’ is an exciting contemporary mystery story for adolescents. This is the third story in the series following on from ‘Jack Pepper and the Whitby Treasure’ and ‘Jack Pepper at Towton.’ These stories are works of fiction based on historical facts.
Jack, Grace, Emma, Ben and Lucy are ordinary 15 year old youngsters in the same class at their comprehensive school in Leeds. Matthew, Jack’s cousin, is in his final year at primary school, Dfor Dog is their mascot. They are very wealthy after finding Roman treasure and famous after discovering medieval battlefield relics from the terrible Battle of Towton 1461.
Jack receives a letter from an 18 year old girl in York who looks after her grandad who had bought a small ivory whistle, which supposedly belonged to Dick Turpin the notorious highwayman. On the day he was hung in1739, Turpin gave this whistle to the hangman; it later went into a York museum, but was stolen in 1952.
The old man bought this whistle from a street trader in York and is terrified when it blows for four hours every year on the anniversary of Turpin’s execution, but nobody else can hear it. Jack and his friends are asked to solve the puzzle and save her grandad from losing his mind. She has no one else to turn to and they only have three weeks before it is due to sound again!
Working as a team over two days in York, the friends very cleverly play different roles as they use their wits, humour and courage to defeat their enemies and the ghost whistle. In solving the problem, the youngsters learn a great deal about themselves and Jack makes another astonishing self- discovery.

August 10
Martin Tarpey
Smashwords, Inc.

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