Jack Rutherford and Amanda Lacey 6 Book Set Jack Rutherford and Amanda Lacey 6 Book Set

Jack Rutherford and Amanda Lacey 6 Book Set

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"Move over Agatha Christie, there's a new dame in town." Amazon reviewer. Get six brilliant and captivating stories together featuring British detectives Jack Rutherford and Amanda Lacey by master storyteller Linda Coles.

Here's what's in this collection:

The Hunted

They kill wild animals for sport. She's about to return the favour…

Dark Service

Taylor never felt the blade pressed to her scalp. She wakes frightened and alone in an unfamiliar hotel room with a near shaved head and a warning… tell no one.

One Last Hit

The greatest danger may come from inside his own home.

Detective Duncan Riley has always worked hard to maintain order on the streets of Manchester. But when a series of incidents at home cause him to worry about his wife's behaviour, he finds himself pulled in too many directions at once.

Hey You, Pretty Face

London, Winter, 1999. An abandoned baby. Three girls stolen in the night. Two connected cases?

When an abandoned newborn baby is discovered, DC Jack Rutherford becomes involved.

Covering the holiday period almost singlehandedly, resources are at breaking point and he's pushed to his limit.

While searching for the young mother, evidence of an organized crime ring almost breaks his heart leaving Jack wondering how he can put so many wrongs, right.

Can he solve the case before the girls are lost forever?

Welcome to the human race…

Scream Blue Murder

Two cold cases are about to turn red hot…

Detective Jack Rutherford's instincts have only sharpened with age. So when a violent road fatality reminds him of a near-identical crime from 15 years earlier, he digs up the past to investigate both. But with one case already closed, he fears the wrong man still festers behind bars.

For Detective Amanda Lacey, family always comes first. But when a digger unearths a skeleton in her father-in-law's garden, she has to balance her heart with her desire for justice. And with darkness lurking just beneath the surface, DS Lacey must push her feelings to one side to discover the chilling truth.

As the sins of the past haunt both detectives, will solving the crimes have consequences that echo for the rest of their lives?

Butcher Baker Banker

A cold Croydon winter's night and pensioner Nelly Raven lies dead and naked on the floor of her living room. The scene bears all the hallmarks of a burglary gone wrong.

It's just the beginning.

Ron Butcher rose to the top of London's gangland by "fixing things". But are his extensive crooked connections of use when death knocks at his own family's door?

Baker Kit Morris will do anything to keep his family business alive. Desperate for cash, he hatches a risky plan that lands him in trouble. As he struggles to stay out of prison, he forges an unlikely friendship with an aging local thug.

And then there's the Banker, Lee Meady, a man with personal problems of his own.

Just how does it all fit together?

As DC Jack Rutherford and DS Amanda Lacey uncover the facts surrounding the case, the harrowing truth of the killer's identity leaves Jack wondering where the human race went so badly wrong.

More intriguing stories featuring ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances that will keep you turning the pages and wanting more.

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 9
Linda Coles
Draft2Digital, LLC

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