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Warning: This story contains spanking, anal sex, oral sex and group sex, plus some light rimming, snowballing and dominance play. It contains two burly lumberjacks, one sexy protester, and surprisingly few discussions about deforestation. Excerpt: “You can stop this any time you want,” Duncan gruffly reminded Skyler, though he was unable to meet his eyes. “Unchain yourself and you can leave. Hell, we’ll even give you a lift back to town.” He could see Skyler wavering, and suddenly Duncan knew he didn’t want Skyler to leave. He looked at Skyler’s exposed ass, with its hairless crack and those smoothly shaved balls hanging below, and felt that same stir from earlier. It didn’t mean he was gay; he just hadn’t gotten laid in awhile, that was all. “It looks like our friend needs some more persuading,” John said. His eyes met Duncan’s, and a dark undercurrent passed between them. Duncan would never have considered doing this on his own, but with John it was a game; a way to humiliate a kid who would never be able to prove a thing. His cock suddenly felt tight in his pants. It seemed as natural as the forest around him to unzip his jeans and grasp his dick. It felt thick and weighty in his hand, and without quite knowing why, Duncan started masturbating. He watched as John lifted his palm and, with a mighty arc, swung it onto Skyler’s naked ass. SLAP! Duncan startled at the sound of flesh hitting flesh; felt the impact as keenly as if he was the one being slapped. Skyler gave an indignant howl, but John was already lifting his hand again. SLAP! Skyler’s buttocks jiggled from the force of the blow. Duncan could see two angry red handprints, one on each cheek; evidence of John’s dominance. There was a roaring in his ears and all he could hear were Skyler’s cries, the constant sound of skin slapping skin, and his own ragged breathing. Skyler whimpered - whether it was in pleasure or pain, Duncan was not certain. It seemed to his feverish eyes that Skyler was pressing his buttocks backwards, inviting John’s hand. SLAP! As John spanked him, Skyler ground his hips against his palm, seeking release any way he could. Duncan tried to summon the disgust he had felt earlier, but all he felt now was an ache for John to continue this strange, sexual game. “Is that the best a big lumberjack like you can do?” Skyler jeered. The urge to punish him surged through Duncan, as vicious as a forest fire. He wanted to punish Skyler for risking their jobs over some damn tree; to punish him for enjoying the slaps; but most of all to punish him for the desire that twisted in his gut and exploded through his cock.

Fiction & Literature
February 24
Lauren Fell
Smashwords, Inc.

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Reading Girl 1 ,


This was an interesting story with a sexy twist. I would love to read another story with Duncan and John.

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