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This beautifully illustrated children’s book introduces us to Jacy, a baby eagle who has been separated from his mother in a terrible thunderstorm. The storm takes him to a different side of the forest that is unfamiliar to him. Always safe under his mother’s watchful eye, what is Jacy to do now? To add to his troubles, he can’t fly. He’s scared and all alone. His mother always told him if ever they became separated, look for Jesus. Jesus will never leave you and take care of you remains foremost in Jacy’s thoughts. As he starts back to the other side of the forest to find his mother and Jesus, he meets friends along the way. They attempt to point him in the right direction, but most have never even heard of Jesus, or know very little about Him. This first book of the Jacy’s Search For Jesus series is the beginning of Jacy’s journey. Children and parents alike will fall in love with Jacy as they take this journey along with him. 

Carol Edwards does a great job in setting up this spiritual quest. Her Jacy’s Search for Jesus Christian children’s book series is an excellent way to introduce young minds to Jesus. These books are not only entertaining but there are also life lessons to be learned. Parents will spend quality time reading and discussing these books with their little ones. The books can serve as read aloud stories to young children and beginner books for those that are now reading on their own. Be sure to follow Jacy in the next book of the series Jacy Meets Betsy.

Religion & Spirituality
November 1
Majestic Publishing, LLC.
Majestic Publishing, LLC

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