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“What do you think?” she asked.

He took a deep breath. “I think…you have…a great pair of legs.”

After laughing, she grabbed a handful of grass and flicked it at him. Gabe jerked a hand up to block most of the grass and laughed. Then he set her foot on the ground. “You have a nice little scrape, but you’ll live.”

He reached in the water, scooped a handful, and poured it over her scraped knee. She jumped. “It’s hot.”

“I know. It stays at an even 90 degrees. Wild Horse Spring is a hot spring. Ted and I used to come here and go skinny dipping when we were kids.”

“Mmmm. That sounds like such fun. Ever had a girl here?”

“I plead the Fifth Amendment.”

“C’mon, tell me?”

“Not for years and none as beautiful as you. I have a medical kit in my saddlebag. I’ll dress your knee when we get ready to leave. Now, let me take a look at that ankle.” He lifted her foot up near his face. “Ooh, it’s a little swollen, not bad. Does this hurt?”

He touched it with his forefinger and she flinched. “Yes, a little.”

“Let’s turn you around and soak the ankle. The spring has medicinal qualities, too.”

Gabe swung her around on the grass and she dipped her foot into the spring.

“How does it feel?”

“Nice. How deep is the lake?”

“It’s a foot or two around the edge and about five feet in the middle. What are you doing?”

She pulled her top over her head. “I’m going swimming.” She pulled her bra off. “Care to join me?” She slid into the pond, which dropped off some two feet from the edge. She slipped her panties over her hips, down into the water, below her knees, and stepped out of them. Catching the panties on her right foot, she raised them to her waiting hand and raised the soaking wet undies above her head. She swung them around and threw them at Gabe. Hitting him in the face, she giggled. “I’m waiting, lover.”

Gabe stripped down in record time and dove into the water, right past her. She turned and looked for him but couldn’t spot him. She edged into the deeper water, up to her breasts, looking for him without locating him.

Without warning, she felt hands parting her thighs, a second before a large object, his head, slipped between them. Soon, her entire body rose out of the water on Gabe’s broad shoulders, only to get submerged as he fell backward into the warm water.

After regaining her footing, she surged upward and as her head emerged, shook her head, her long black locks trailing, and inhaled deeply. When her eyes and ears cleared, she saw and heard Gabe laughing. He stood in the shallow water, wet and naked like a god, with rays of sun filtering onto him through the trees. His bold, wet, sunlit manhood made her mouth water and neither regions wet.

He smiled sensuously as she sashayed up to him, and he tried to kiss her, but she avoided his lips and shoved him backward.


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July 4
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