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Jasmin has endured shame and humiliation to land her job in the Philippines. Working at an adult bar as a barely legal bargirl, Jasmin hopes to fall in love. Before she can start working, Jasmin must endure a thorough medical exam. Having her virgin sex probed, prodded, and photograph Jasmin is humiliated and forced to endure her sense of newfound shame.


“Hallo,” the young Filipina said with her distinctive Taglish accent. Melissa was a petite, shapely, young Filipina in her mid-twenties, standing only four-foot-ten inches with shoulder length dark brown hair and beautiful tiger shaped eyes. As their eyes met, she sensed something oddly familiar about Jasmin and tipped her head curiously. Jasmin too sensed an odd familiarity about Melissa, as if she knew her somehow from somewhere else.

Then it suddenly struck Jasmin that Melissa was the lady she had seen accompanying the handsome blonde foreigner, the one who had called her “Spitfire,” and given her the five-hundred pesos. The intoxicating memory of that life-changing event flashed through her mind, and her heart raced with excitement. She wanted to blurt out that she recognized Melissa from the previous evening, but she contained her delight and practiced discretion instead.

“How are you, Sis,” Jasmin said, taking Melissa’s soft and well-manicured hand. “I’m Rosalyn.”

“This is the new girl I told you about.” Josie said to Melissa.

“I’m Melissa, but everyone just calls me Meleng.” Melissa replied with a smile, gently squeezing Jasmin’s hand with a friendly grasp.
“Okay, let’s get your picture on the wall. I made an appointment at the photo studio.” Josie announced. “You like getting your photo taken, right?”

“Well, sure.” Jasmin confessed.

“Let me get the bikini,” Josie said as she pulled a small, white bikini bottom from a stack of similar swimwear in the corner of the office, carefully folding the garment and tucking it safely into her fashionable Coach purse.

“It’s at the glamour studio down the street. It’ll be fun.” Melissa said with a bright smile. “Come on, let’s go.”

The three ladies walked out of the bar and made their way along Osmena Boulevard to the Dreamlights Glamour Studio a block away. Upon entering the chic establishment, Josie was greeted with friendly smiles by two girls behind the counter. “We need some photos of this new lady, please.” Josie asked after exchanging pleasantries as a regular customer.

“Just one girl today?” One of the ladies asked, as she walked around the counter with a Canon digital SLR camera in her right hand.

“Yes, just one, thanks,” Josie replied. “The usual portfolio for the Silver Dollar.”

“This way please,” the lady said and led the trio to a modest studio behind an adjacent door.

“What do you want her to pose in?” The lady asked once they had closed the door to the studio.

“The schoolgirl outfit to start is fine,” Josie said, pointing to a rack of different clothes along the wall of the studio.

“Which one?” the lady inquired, pulling at one of the assorted costumes. “The good girl outfit or the naughty girl one?” Everyone laughed.

“The good girl uniform will be fine.” Josie replied.

“Ooo,” Melissa chimed in flirtatiously.

“She’s just new. She hasn’t had time to be naughty yet.”

July 17
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