Jason's Network

A Hunter & Holmes Mystery

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It is spring in the Silicon Valley. Jason Hunter is continuing his crusade against predators and those who would abuse children. Through his Whatever Foundation, Jason develops a new tool for kids called Jason’s Network. It is an online resource for kids to help them fight against abuse and predators. It provides a way for kids to report suspected abuse without having to make a formal accusation and to distribute information if a kid goes missing. Jason enlists Daniel and his band, the Second Chance All Stars to help spread the word through a series of school assemblies.

The main thing looming in Daniel’s life is the upcoming six city concert tour in June with the Biloxi Brothers. This is the band’s first major break as performers. They are dedicating every spare moment to composing, rehearsing and recording original music that will define the sound of the band. Jason is actively involved with the band as the Webmaster for their band website. He too is looking forward to the band tour. Jason’s relationship with Laura has never been better; they both are quite comfortable with their going steady status. Daniel and Dianna are getting along great also. Her main concern is with all of Daniel’s female fans.

The two amateur detectives have nothing currently on their schedules other than schoolwork and the preparation for the band tour. But cases somehow continue to come their way. During a spring break trip to the Sierras with their families, Jason and Daniel end up helping in the search for two kids who go missing. The case ends up having disturbing ramifications that makes Jason even more determined to get his network for kids launched.

Meanwhile, an old enemy plans and finances a plot for revenge against Jason. The old adage “No good deed goes unpunished” comes into play for the unsuspecting Jason. He has no idea that his life will suddenly be plunged into turmoil that will create a life crisis for him, his family, and friends. Will Jason’s run of successful cases and interventions to help other teenagers come to a sudden and tragic end?

Jason’s Network is Book 7 in the Hunter & Holmes mystery series. Don’t miss the excitement and action as Jason and Daniel deal with one of their biggest crises yet as detectives and as they experience the world of large scale concert performances for the first time.

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September 5
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Customer Reviews

LouisPratt ,

Readers will be left tensely gripping each page and flipping through the book with great speed to un

Jason’s Network may be one of the most disturbing additions to the series. After laying out the background information out for newcomers to the series (per usual), Aiden Vaughan hits young readers with two extremely heavy and relatable plot pieces. First, on a seemingly normal spring break vacation in the Sierra Valley, the protagonists Jason and Daniel get tied up in helping find two children gone missing. Not shortly after, the author goes into vivid detail describing the plot and execution of an old villain’s plans to bring harm to Jason Hunter. Things are higher risk than ever, with the lives of many of Jason’s close friends and family thrown into the chaos, seemingly everybody is in danger. Readers will be left tensely gripping each page and flipping through the book with great speed to uncover the outcome of the unsuspecting plot against Jason.

Although the story can become quite dark at times, positive themes can still be recognized throughout the story. The greatest example would be the idea of strength in numbers, and creating a solid, trusting network of colleagues, friends and family. Jason and his team at his Whatever Foundation begin working fiercely to create such a network of young people in their own community. Constructing such a network is essential to building a strong community, and can also be a vital tool in the fight against crime and child predators. If everybody supports each other, and each individual can actively do their part, then it could be that much easier to make the community a safer place to live. That is the message Jason and his close friends pitch, and with luck, sticks in the minds of the children and teenagers of their hometown. Such glimpses of alacrity help shine through the heaviness and anxiousness of the stories action.

The book also attempts to drum up support for children to participate in music and the arts, as well as in organized sports. Jason is quick to praise the positive effects of taking part in creating music with bandmates or playing sports with teammates. In this story specifically, Daniel Holmes and the Second Chance All Stars (Daniel’s band’s new name) are one step closer to making it big as professional musicians, and work hard to achieve their goals.

One interesting theme to note also is the significance of Jason and the gang’s signature all-star chuck sneakers. Each character gets to show their own individuality with their own color and style, and succeeds in giving the characters a bit of extra identity. Sherlock Holmes had his signature pipe, Jason Hunter and Daniel Holmes have their signature Chucks. And overall, it is the mystery solving team’s signature style and work ethic that helps them succeed in all of their endeavors, and what gives Jason a fighting chance against the evil-doers in this edition of the Hunter & Holmes series.

Taylor Bathel ,

Detective work fine-tunes, but Jason and Daniel never forget their roots.

Teen hobby detective extraordinaire, Jason Hunter, has seemingly conquered it all. With help from his best friend Daniel, he has solved major crimes and founded a nonprofit organization, which together ultimately saved many young lives, emotionally and physically. Even so, Jason continues to thrive in Jason’s Network as he sets up an online social site to prevent crime with community involvement, after becoming entwined in yet another detective case during a casual vacation. Although the tables soon turn as Jason is haunted by a ghost of his past, one that threatens his life, emotional stability, and distinguished confident aura. Jason is redefined as a character as Jason’s Network humanizes and develops him in unexpected ways throughout the thought-provoking yet still adventurous Hunter & Holmes installment.

Jason’s detective skills steadily fine-tune through the series, but reach a modern day level when he applies his detective knowledge to an online social webpage called “Jason’s Network.” Through the webpage, community members join in on solving crimes by reporting suspicious behavior, asking for legal and emotional help, or simply keeping their eyes open for known suspects. Readers witness a change of focus in Jason’s work from solving crimes to actually preventing crimes from first occurring. Just like he has in the past with his professional connections, Jason now expands his resources to the community and proves that anyone can be a hero by looking out for each other’s safety. The new platform is up for the test when trouble arises and Jason needs a helping hand.

Jason’s Network is especially nostalgic of past books. All past victims and characters are revisited as they make appearance in promotion for the “Jason’s Network” webpage. Stories are recounted, but in a positive manner that brings closure by tying up all loose ends. While Jason typically led the recovery of victims, this time Jason’s emotional vulnerability hits a high point when he is personally terrorized. His friends have a chance to repay him for all he’s done by jumping into action to save their own hero. With the playing field leveling between Jason and his friends, he is no longer held on a pedestal but is truly just a regular teen.

Jason’s Network is still full of action and adventure. Kidnapping and revenge run high, and readers eagerly flip the pages until the crime is solved. Excitement especially builds around Daniel and his band, who have accepted a six-concert tour with a popular boy band. Daniel’s dreams start becoming a reality based purely on the hard work and dedication he’s shown through the entire Hunter & Holmes series, motivating any reader to follow his/her dreams.

Throughout the adventure, nostalgia, and emotional healing, the Jason and Daniel admit that they will never forget their roots. Looking back to the first installment, the duo has grown tremendously and has set a fantastic example of friendship, selflessness and personal perseverance. We don’t know where Jason and Daniel will appear next, but we can rest assured that they are always following their dreams and spreading positive vibes.

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