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Jazmine is a sweet, whimsical, romance novella.

Jazmine has yearned for an assignment in the human realm since she was a wee one fairy. To that end, she attends Fairies-in-Training School in Flitter Town. Even after completing her classes and passing all of her tests, she has yet to be selected for assignment. Sadly, she accepts the fact that she'll be sent back to her clan, the Fragrant Flowers, to resume her duties as a jasmyster. Yes, she loves keeping her namesakes fragrant, but a human assignment has always been her dream. Unexpectedly, she is chosen by Boss-at-the-Top for a most important task.

Ryan Lucas is grieving the loss of his wife and unable to connect emotionally with his eight year old son. Both their hearts have holes the size of the universe in them. During a short drive from his home in Bend, Oregon to his office in Sunriver, he almost crashes into a woman following deer across the highway. He can't believe anyone would be so reckless. He screeches to the side of the road and jumps out of his car to lecture her. Her beautiful eyes keep distracting him. They're not quite blue and not quite lavender.

Young Jake Lucas just wants his dad to spend time with him. He desperately misses his mother because she's dead. And although his father is very much alive, he spends more time at his office than with Jake. Since his father ignores him, Jake turns his attention to his new neighbor. After he sees her spying on him, he decides to spy on her. Snagging his dad's binoculars and hiding in his tree house, he watches her through her dining room window. Maybe she's with the FBI or CIA? Actually she's pretty boring until he witnesses an impossible feat. Then he wonders if she's a witch, which makes him wonder if she's a good witch or a bad one.

September 15
Verna Clay
Smashwords, Inc.

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PSemones ,


This was more on the lines of a story for a teenager. It was a sweet story but not for adults.

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