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"He was my ancient master, my earliest and best friend; and to him I am indebted for first impressions which have had the most salutary influence on the course of my life." —Thomas Jefferson on George Wythe, 1806

This is the story of George Wythe, a man determined, steadfast and courageous, described by Benjamin Rush as possessing "dove-like simplicity and gentleness of manner." From his humble beginnings as a circuit lawyer in Virginia, Wythe was a prominent opponent of slavery and was instrumental in the creation of the constitution. His distinguished career saw him appointed the first professor of law in the United States.

Wythe witnessed most of the great events leading to America's independence and formation as a nation and was a signatory to the Declaration of Independence. And then, in 1806, Wythe was murdered.

This book tells the story of George Wythe's life, his amazing legacy, his role as second father to the fathers of the nation and offers a solution to the mystery of his bizarre and tragic death.

Praise for The Lost German Slave Girl

"Bailey has the gift of a novelist and a readiness to blend fact and conjecture … What followed is a mystery, and an entirely fascinating one." - Washington Post

"He has crafted a compelling tale of one woman's complex life ... and in the process he has given readers a revealing look at one of the darker periods of American history." - Miami Herald

"Bailey, that rare scholar whose writing lives and breathes..." - Boston Globe

"Reads like a splendid legal thriller." - Sydney Morning Herald

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