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There, in the middle of absolute nothing, deep inside the blackness of primordial space void, several awkward moments before the Bing Bang that gave birth to one of the innumerable universes, he (or He, if you prefer…someone, anyway…) made his discreetly appearance.
Someone, who hadn’t the faintest idea about how he got there or who he was or even if he should be there, at all.
The random discovery of the power of speech and his innate divine abilities will spur on and convince him to stay at that spot and become famous.
With the help of his First (who drags him to the brink of nervous breakdown) and a multitude of other angelic creatures, benign and extremely impressed, he creates one of the most original worlds of the multiverse (in his mind, at least).
Light and darkness, planets and stars, earth and seas, all of them created in mere moments (from a lower lifeform’s point of view) of divine, artistic inspiration. Higher and lower forms of life passed, in a blink of god’s eye, from the sphere of ideas into the material world.
All of this of course with the assistance of angelic side-kicks, archangelic fights and a thrice-split Luciferian personality (things are rarely what they seem).
The construction of the being in the image and likeness of the creator, along with its spouses, will force Chaos and all the other vague cosmogonic forces to seek for serenity in some other, more interesting universe, far away from potential gods and their creative delusions.
Creator, Lucifer (evil background music), Archangels and firstborn humans. Love and jealousy, thrills and action, enormous carnivores and tiny blind and naïve animals. Plenty of laughter and a persistent headache. All of them having as background our freshly-constructed universe, in the truest story ever imprinted on paper without the chronicler losing his mind.
And all, in a week’s work…

Fiction & Literature
August 22
Chris Heliades
Smashwords, Inc.