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It's been years, but they never got over each other ... A SECOND CHANCE OFF-LIMITS ROMANCE in the Wild Men series, a collection of football stars, family, and friends by USA Today Bestselling author Melissa Belle.   

He's a single dad and she's a career woman ... but their hearts are perfectly matched.    


Jenson’s not just a former star quarterback turned brilliant football coach. He's not only an amazing father to twin sons. 

He's also...mine.

The problem? He’s always been off-limits. 

But we always planned to be together one day. Except sometimes plans change. So we both moved on, or we tried to.

But now, after all these years, Jenson’s back in town. We’re both single. And we can’t keep our hands off each other.     


When Olivia was born, I was told to look out for her, and she was the girl who made me smile when nothing else could.    

When we got older, I fell in love with her. And then we broke each other’s hearts.

I’m a single father now, with two boys who look up to me. And I’m about to show them how to get the win when the clock’s running down and the defense is stacked against you. I’m going to fight for the one thing, outside of them, that’s meant the most to me in my life.

I’ve come back to town on a mission: 

To make Olivia mine. Because she and I are meant to be. 

But for Olivia and me, meant to be has never been easy…

October 29
Autumn Ink Press
Autumn Ink Press

Customer Reviews

Tlrcia ,

Not my favorite 😖

I’ve really enjoyed this series until I got to Jenson. Not sure if it was hard to connect to Olive’s personality or Jenson’s. The story just didn’t flow like the others, almost as if Melissa handed it to someone else to write under her name.

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