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Time is literally slipping through my fingers, and so is my sanity. 

I can’t come to terms with the fact that I’m about to dive in head first with another Casanova Bachelor.

Jeremiah Edwards.

He’s a big, rough and tough. His hands are as strong as his will and as the first couple of days in his company slip by I realize something terrible:

I like him.

A lot.

I went into this month hoping the next man on the docket would be a bore. It would be even easier for me if he was a complete waste of space. But alas, I’m not that lucky. Never have been. Jeremiah is as charming as the men who came before him in this year long dating escapade, and damn him for it. All I need is a break. Some time to collect my thoughts.

A chance to breathe.

But Jeremiah makes me all hot and bothered and the only thing I want to breathe is the same air as him.

I know. It’s terribly sickening. I wish I could change it. I wish I could keep him at arm’s length.

Especially since the Memorial Day party is looming over my head. At the end of the month I’ll be in a room with all the Casanova Bachelors. Just little old me and twelve of them. 

Nervous isn’t the right word to sum up how I feel about it all.

Petrified would be more accurate. 

And the man I thought I would go to for comfort may not be who I end up leaning on when the time comes.

If there was ever a time for a breakdown, it’s now. At least Jeremiah has big strong hands to put me back together.

Note to the Reader: This is a completed 14 book sexy romantic comedy series. You'll be following the journey of Piper, one funny, down-to-earth young woman, and her willingness to give up everything to save her family. The books are standalone in nature, but do have references to the books before as Piper will spend a month with each member of the 2019 Casanova Club. Enjoy. I did.

March 14
BrixBaxter Publishing
Ali Parker

Customer Reviews

Readergrl 90 ,

Captivating, Emotional, & Passionate!!!

Ali Parker has written yet another steamy passionate and heartwarming story in the Casanova Club series. Piper is off to meet Jeremiah a lumberjack from Oregon. While Piper hopes against hope that he will be boring and completely different from the men that proceeded him, he turns out to be anything but boring and just as charming and sweet as those before him have been (if not sweeter). With his charming, supportive, sweet, and alpha like personality, Piper can't help but fall for him. Jeremiah was filled with heartache, indecision, guilt, laughter, friendship, passion, and love. The story line was well written and the characters are wonderful. The casanovas thus far have been really great and Piper is a wonderful person who wants nothing more than to help her parents even if that means giving up love. That being said I don't like that she is using the men for sex to help her forget the one man she is really in love with or the problems she encounters with her family. That aside it's a great series and I can't wait for her to finally admit that she loves Wyatt.
"I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this novel."

Bonnie579 ,

Absolutely phenomenal. Loved it loved it loved it.

Oh my gosh! Just kill me now. The suspense is killing me. Piper has fallen in love with almost every one of them so far and they have all fallen in love with her. These men are indescribable, unbelievably delicious, gentlemen, kind, sincere, loving and exactly what Piper is looking for. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to wait for the next seven months waiting to find out which one she is going to choose. And I really believe she’s going to choose someone, not the money to save her father’s failing business. She needs to be looking out for herself. Piper is a joy, a wonder, a perfect woman, and the perfect woman for any of the 12 bachelors. These books are absolutely fantastic and need to be read in order. Start at the first one and just start enjoying the journey. Phenomenal. Spectacular. Sensational. A must read for everyone. I can’t wait for the next one.

Gloreebee ,

Loving this series ❤️

Ali Parker’s Jeremiah (The Casanova Club Book 6)
MAN O MAN!! Be still my heart! May brings Piper to spend the month with Jeremiah Edwards. He’s a sexy lumberjack and exactly what Piper needs. Also we read about the Memorial Days party that brings all the bachelors under one roof. It’s pretty rough for all of them. It’s getting harder and harder to choose which bachelor she’ll end up with. Or will she?! One click it for this awesome continuation of the Casanova Club series. I have voluntarily read and reviewed this advanced readers copy.

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