Jesse's Hideout

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Tillie Hamilton is the latest person to use her 180-year-old house in rural Kentucky as a hideout—taking her cue from the infamous outlaw Jesse James who frequented the place. The house she converted into a bed and breakfast is the only sanctuary she’s known, ever since the old woman she inherited it from rescued her from neglect as a small child.

However, sparks fly when her benefactor’s handsome grandson, Greg Buchanan, accuses Tillie of exploiting his grandmother’s memory for her own ends by claiming Gram haunts the inn.

While reading his grandmother’s private journals, Greg learned Jesse James returned to this house in the 1930s, half a century after historians believed he’d been shot dead. Vowing to debunk the charlatan’s claims of ghosts and to prove his grandmother correct, but quickly discovers the charming Tillie is not at all what he expected. Embarrassed to admit he’s another of the conspiracy theorists she scoffs at, he hides his secondary reason for showing up at her B&B.

Yet his attraction to Tillie keeps him torn between setting history right and forging a new history of his own in Tillie’s arms. Tensions mount, leaving his grandmother’s spirit to think her dying wish—something she’s wanted since Tillie and Greg were children—may never come true.

Can Gram and Jesse make the two lonely overachievers see they belong in each other’s arms before time runs out for them to seize this opportunity?

March 28
Ka-Thunk! Publishing
Kallypso Masters, LLC

Customer Reviews

jdso111815 ,

Life is sometimes a mystery!!!

We never know how our paths may cross. It could be on purpose, coincidentally, or accidently. We also don't realize how we may be related to each other, as we trace our ancestry back through time. It makes for a really good story though when the meetings do occur and those involved discover it together. Kallypso takes us through one of these adventures with Tilly and Greg. Add in a ghost and an outlaw from the past trying to manipulate the events and you never know what might result. I really enjoyed reading this first book in the Bluegrass Spirits series. A wonderful intriguing romance.

Cyanpooh ,

New and wonderful!!!

Jesse's Hideout is the start of a new and totally different series for Kallypso Masters. Masters tells us the tale of Tillie Hamilton a rural Kentucky B&B owner who's house was once a hideout for the infamous Jesse James.
She was left the house by the woman that recused her as a small child. She can still feel her spirit in the house and has used her memory of Mrs. Foster to help bring people into the house since she had it converted to a B&B.
Greg Buchanan is a architect from Minneapolis, who believes that Tillie is a charlatan and is exploiting his grandmother's memory by telling people that she is haunting the house. He vows to prove that she is lying while also proving that the things written in her journals about Jesse James are true.
I love reading a book that has places that I've been to before, seeing them from someone else's perspective makes them new again. Growing up one county over from the places in the book makes me so happy!!
Tillie is a perfect example of a woman who just wants to live her life as simple as she can and bring joy to the people who come into her life through her B&B. She's such a sweet and warm person, but really doesn't like when she has to let others do for her.
Greg comes to the B&B believing that she is a bad person and learns that she really isn't and learns to open his heart too.
The addition of Greg's young son in the story is wonderful and brings out so much more from both of these characters.
We also see the spirits of Mrs. Foster and Jesse James himself in the story. The transition between the scenes of living and the spirits is seamlessly written and does not make the story start and stop. These two spirits trying to bring these lonely hearts together is so sweet and the story behind why they want these two together fits the story perfectly.
Masters writing in these story is so much softer, but it does not take away from her storytelling ability it enhances it!! I love this new direction and can't wait for the next book, new spirits, new characters and a new Kentucky County.

Lovingangel1231 ,

Something unexpected and delightful!

I was nervous, I LOVE Kallypso's Rescue Me series and didn't know how I would feel about this new, more contemporary series starter. Could it still draw me in as her Rescue Me series has, would it be a series I could invest in... The answer is a resounding yes! Kallypso has included so many of the elements I have come to expect from her books in this one! This novel will introduce you to real life characters who are facing real life issues along with a couple of meddling (yet totally lovable) spirits who just want what we all want for Greg and Tillie, the happily ever after that they both deserve!

So if you are a fan of the Rescue Me Saga, but haven't taken the leap to pre-order Jesse's Hideout yet, what are you waiting for??? I promise you will not be disappointed! If you haven't read the Rescue Me series because maybe the BDSM elements just aren't your thing...that's okay too, because Jesse's Hideout is not in that genre. This is something totally different than anything I have read from Kallypso, or anyone else really, and it is beautiful! I can't wait to sample some of the recipes she shared at the end. (less)

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