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The Jesuits... like so many things in this world, they are not what they appear to be.

In 1540, Pope Paul III officially accepted "The Society of Jesus" (Jesuits) into the Roman Catholic system. Today, the current Jesuit General, Adolfo Nicolás, is respected and feared by every Jesuit as God Himself.

Who knows more about the Jesuits than the Jesuits themselves? This comic shows, from their own writings, that the Jesuits' real goal is to destroy true Christians and make the world submit to the Pope. That's why Jesus commanded His people to, "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues" in Revelation 18:4.

This comic focuses on the story of a family arrested because of the impatient actions of one Jesuit, whose indiscretion nearly unraveled the plot to destroy freedom and bring everyone under the control of the pope.

Read the fascinating history of the Jesuits, learned from their own writings.


How they formed, and why
The true purpose of Jesuit schools and colleges
Their blind obedience to their superiors.

Read why we are surrounded with Jesuit-trained operatives who don't wear a priest's collar, and are thus "invisible." See how they manipulate governments and foment wars, all "for the greater glory of God."

By the end of the story, the reader will understand that he cannot put his complete trust in any church, religious leader, or anyone else for his eternity, because nothing is what it appears to be. He must place his faith in Jesus alone. The Lord Jesus will bring the only true peace the world will ever know.

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August 20
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lost70pounds! ,

Disturbing yes...

Because it is the TRUTH. John 8:32

What a hilarious app ,

Depraved heretic

Jack Chick liar. He says don't listen to any church but to Christ. That is like saying don't listen to the Bible but to Christ. Great reasoning! But the ignorant read his stupid lies and swallow it to their damnation.

•"ĀN|]R£$"• ,


Yes,Ignatius Of Loyola Is The Father & The Founder Of Jesuitism & Of The Illuminati

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