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Lord never leaves us nor forsakes. He is always around us. His only desire is to stay with us at all times. He created us in his nature. Lord considers us as his sons and daughters. Lord Jesus in no occasion abandons us. Lord always eyes us. No human wants his children to suffer and die in pain. If a human could not see his children suffer will our lord, heavenly father let us suffer. The lord rushes to save his loved ones forever. There cannot be a single person who has not received the Lords call. He comes to everyone but many deny him and drown in the sin.
The lord is always with us he has given his words, he would never leave us alone in this world he will come unto us. The lord tells I will be with you till the end. He will lead us holding our hand. At hard times the lord carries us in his mighty arms.
Lord Jesus is always with us, today may be you are forsaken by your own family members, friends, colleagues, people around you or society, but remember the lord never leaves you nor forsakes you in any condition. The lord says, a mother may forget her infant but I will not forget you. You are remembered by Jesus always. The lord has drawn you in his palm. Jesus eyes you every second. He never takes his vision from us. The Lord who protects his people never rests or sleeps, he watches his loved ones every millisecond. The Lord says, one who touches you touches my iris. Jesus considers us as his iris. Would anybody dare to touch and harm the lord’s iris, no one can harm you and bring damages to you. If we are harmed, it is only because of our own mistakes and unawareness, by going out of the lord’s protection and welcoming and letting the evil into our life.
Lord although loves us abundantly cannot help us until we allow him in our life and heart. When there is wickedness and evil and if we do not let the lord in our life. How can, Jesus save and shower his love.
Many would have misperception, if he is always with us then why do we come across many problems in our life? There are two reasons one is either although he wants to be us, we do not accept him or allow him in our life. It is well told the lord is knocking at our door to enter your heart and come in our life.
The other reason is we do not realize the lord is near us.
One more reason though we accept the lord and realize his presence we come across many difficulties. When we surrender our life to the lord, nothing enters our life without his knowledge. Again the difficulties, the lord allows is to strengthen and to make you firm but never leaves. It may appear, you are forsaken but he is always there, on no situation he forsakes his people. Occasionally there is a delay in receiving answers. For the past thousands of years there was no one incident in the history that Lord Jesus has forsaken his people. It is only we the people who look for the lord for some goodness and once received, leave him for no reason.
“I will not leave you comfortless. I will come to you” John 14-18.

Religion & Spirituality
June 1
Latha M.S
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