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This is the book that the Catholic Church has been dreading for the last 1700 years. This is the book that will end Christianity as we know it. And this is not advertising hyperbole, this really is the end of the Christian fairytale. 

We now know who Jesus was, where he lived, and who his family were. Visit his city, see the ruins of his citadel, gaze upon his statue, handle his coins. In reality, Jesus was a son of King Abgarus of Edessa, a princeling with a small realm, a large treasury, and even bigger ambitions. But the wise prince of northern Syria came up against an intractable Rome and his many plans crumbled to dust. As readers might imagine, the true history of this region undermines much of the biblical fairy-story that the gospel authors crafted, and so Christianity will never be the same again. 

The jacket image shows Jesus wearing his Crown of Thorns, the ceremonial crown of the Edessan monarchy. Jesus was crucified wearing this same crown, because he was a king of Edessa.

This is a scholarly study of all the available historical evidence, including the Tanakh, Talmud, Josephus Flavius, the Roman historians, and venerable Syriac historians like Moses of Chorene and Yohannes Drasxanakertci. And the evidence and conclusions are far more substantial and provocative than the over-hyped nonsense in the book 'Zealot'. 

This is the final book in a trilogy, and so we suggest that readers start with 'Cleopatra to Christ' and then 'King Jesus'. The wait before arriving at the last episode in the trilogy will be worthwhile, for if a book could be valued on its 'eureka moments' then this final book would be priceless. 

King Jesus Trilogy - part 3

Sequel to: "Cleopatra to Christ" and "King Jesus". 


Religion & Spirituality
August 10
Edfu Books
Ellis Publish

Customer Reviews

Chica2014 ,

King Jesus, King of Edessa

Love this book!! Mr. Ellis is one of my favorite writers of the century. Once I started this book as well as his others, I couldn't stop! The way he put Jesus story in a book is both memorizing, intriguing and highly entertaining. I enjoyed the way he added a humorous touch to his stories. It is obvious in his writing that he is a highly intelligent man and he puts a lot of thought and research in his theories, I would highly recommend all his books.

Gster196 ,

Great book

Awesome!!!! If your looking for archeological history in religious text this is it. Ralph makes an ordinary man feel like an initiate by time your done with his books. Thanks Ralph.

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