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"Investing well isn't easy, but it is possible. My goal in life is to make it easier for you to make money."

Jim Cramer is the champion of the middle-class investor. Every night on Mad Money, he provides valuable information about stocks, steering investors away from danger zones and leading them to the investments that can turn a lackluster portfolio into a powerhouse of profit. In his new book, he shows investors how to take the advice on his TV program and put it into action.

Cramer walks investors through the key decisions they have to make: understanding their tolerance for risk and defining their goals, doing the essential homework on a stock, and knowing how to buy and sell stocks the right way -- the Cramer way. This is a true nuts-and-bolts guide to investing, from Cramer's detailed discussion of the sort of homework investors must do to his own guidelines for knowing when and how to sell stocks.

Mad Money is a hugely entertaining television program, but it also offers valuable information that can be the basis for a winning portfolio. Cramer shows how to turn the "Lightning Round" into a terrific tool for investing; it's stock-market strength training. He reveals how he can assess a stock in only seconds -- a valuable skill that every investor can acquire and put to good use. He explains what to look for in his CEO and CFO interviews, and how to use those conversations to make successful investment decisions. He reviews some of his best calls made on Mad Money, as well as some of his worst ones, to extract ten lessons from each that can profit every investor. And for the Mad Money junkies who just can't get enough, Cramer goes behind the scenes to explain everything from the reason behind his deliberate mispronunciations to his notorious chair abuse to the zany props and buttons that keep things humming.

From the first "Booyah" to the last roar of the bull, Mad Money is every investor's favorite television program, and Jim Cramer's Mad Money is the book that can turn a TV program into a top-notch stock portfolio.

Business & Personal Finance
December 5
Simon & Schuster

Customer Reviews

Lifesavoy ,


Thanks Cramer for making this retired nurse and her family about 100 k a year more than I'd make working full time again.
I started using your tips, took 50 k originally ( away from our investment broker, and didn't tell ANYONE).
I bought a few stocks you recommended, got scared when they both DOUBLED within the year.
Pulled everything out and sat and read your books, and now I'm back in with better balance and confident diversification. And a much clearer methodology of buying and selling.
My husband was curious at tax time when extra income was displayed by ME! He thought I was getting psychicic or something so I had to divulge my secret... You, the amazing Cramer, now were watching and reading together! We are seriously considering taking our whole portfolio into our own hands!
( well and the intellect, creativity,and hard work of our fellow Americans).
Your confidence and shared knowledge has left us knowing our children will NOT have to take student loans in the college of their choice and can focus on living their careers rather than " surviving their career and corporate debts".
My hubby and I married young, and both had many educational debts for many years.
It let's me sleep at night knowing this problem is one they will not encounter as they follow the American dream.
And once in awhile we splurge for many peoples dreams, support good causes all guilt free knowing everything is going to be all right.
God Bless and keep you!
L. K. M.

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