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The first book of the series is a lighthearted adventure that follows the early adventures of Jim and Jane, as they enter a nudist lifestyle. They start out going to a topless beach, then full nude beaches, and finally, the Orange Blossom Nudist Resort. They enjoy their new leisure-time activity with its sexual benefits. At first, they are afraid to tell anyone about their clothes-free adventures. Eventually, they confide in their best friend, Debbie. She is so supportive that Jane asks her to join them for a couple of their nude beach trips. In this book, although the sex is steamy and written in explicit detail, Jim and Jane remain faithful to their marriage, not so much in book 2.

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Book 2 - Debbie Wants to Go: After Jane and Jim's first trip to the Orange Blossom, Debbie is taken by Jim and Jane's description of the Orange Blossom, and the band that plays in the nude. Jane then asked her if she wants to join them on their next trip to the Orange Blossom. Debbie eagerly agrees and does the Orange Blossom in a big way, as she releases her pent-up sexual desires. Jane and Jim's relationship also gets much more erotic. Read and see if Jim's fantasies with Debbie come true.

Book 3 - Creation of the Bare Assets Band: Learn how the band came to be. The band members started out as a regular nightclub five-piece. But they have to overcome their modesty when financial needs require them to accept an offer to play at the Orange Blossom. They end up doing much more than merely becoming nudists.

Fiction & Literature
February 1
W.E. Sinful
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Chris J. Walkenbach ,

This is what is wrong with the way people think about nudism

Nudism, or Free Body Culture, should not be confused with something like this. Nudism is not about sex, but sadly religion and American culture have indoctrinated us with this thinking.

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