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After winning every jumping competition in the world, Jimmy struggles to find something meaningful to do with his life. When he enters the world of monster truck racing he discovers that the most meaningful moments can happen as he cares more about others than himself.

November 2
Matthew Jones

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Nevetsregi ,

Great book

Dear Matt: I just finished reading your book "Jimmy and the Monster Truck Rally." I enjoyed it immensely. Not knowing what was in store as I began the 73 page story, I soon felt the thrill of heading into the unknown as I turned the pages while critically reading and looking at the illustrations. I soon became a kid again, filled with awe and wonder at the mystery unfolding before me. As the storyline of your plot developed, quite smoothly yet simply, I noticed your attention to detail in the tumble weeds, flying rocks, facial expressions, insects, helmets, various truck types, etc. which were just enough to add depth, texture, and believability without detracting from the narrative; but rather added to its credibility as a moral tale. Near the end where the buried newspaper account of Jimmy's heroism in rescuing his principal critic Alora from death is mentioned, I thought that the fine newsprint listing the names of the driver teams from various states was a singular example of attention to detail. From Idaho, the team of Camden and Christopher was a nice touch. For those who may know anything about you, it constitutes a subtle revelation about the author.* You should justifiably be proud of this book.

With love, respect, and pride,

*None other than the late Alfred Hitchcock was renown, among his multiple other signature film conceits, for appearing silently somewhere in one scene only in each of his movies. Among fans those cameo appearances became a magnet which drew them again and again to his films. His plots and his characters were so cleverly drawn, however, that audiences would inevitably get so caught up in his narratives they often would miss his cameo on first viewing, which would compel them to purchase another ticket just to watch for that subtle infusion of himself into his stories.

RacingFrog ,

Great at bedtime!

I love this story. It has monster trucks and frogs and a good lesson.

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