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It’s usually spoken in hushed tones and with a sly smile: “It’s in The JINX.”  It’s exactly the sort of answer an experienced magician loves to give for the source of a just-performed killer trick.  Not only are some of today’s “new” tricks derived from items originally published in The JINX (1934-42), but its creator Theodore Annemann was the original magic blogger.  Every month, in his spirited editorial column, Annemann praised — and more often condemned — magic and magicians.


Working as a professional mind reader, and known to the magic community through his prolific early publications and contributions, Annemann became ensconced in a scene that was the center of American magic.  His legacy is a landmark work.  Its thousand pages stand like a massive, intricately forged armored door with no easily detectable keyhole among myriad distractions.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed.  Uncovering the priceless subtleties contained within The JINX demands about a year’s intensive study — or the right lock picking set. 


Each chapter of the JINX Companion could be likened to a lock picking tool.  Its introduction is a torsion wrench, establishing a “constant” while the reader shifts into a proper feel for the material.  Its “Secrets and Mysteries” chapters are half-diamond picks, offering easy access to vital individual elements (such as long-forgotten methods ripe for revival — gems of a practical nature).  Its “Signs and Wonders” chapters are warded picks (a.k.a. skeleton keys), allowing for internal manipulations (compelling notional springboards such as mind-expanding aphorisms and mythological allusions — gems of a cerebral nature).

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February 22
Craig Conley

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A Great Guide for Reading the Jinx

The Jinx is one of the greatest magic magazines ever published. Ted Annemann published this remarkable work throughout the 1930s, and it is still filled with effects, stratagems, and creative thinking that inspire modern mentalists and magicians.

This wonderful iBooks-Author book is a beautiful reader's guide to the Jinx….with juicy tidbits and selections from all of the issues.

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